When We Struggle To Find Our Place In The World

How then to find its place in the world?
When we struggle to find our place in the world

The days go by and we feel like we don’t belong. We wake up each morning with the feeling of an emotional void that we drag throughout the day. Finding our place in the world seems impossible to us. No place matches us. Our friends seem to be the only ones who can give us some comfort, but this feeling is also not sustained as we sometimes have the impression that they are just strangers. What is happening to us?

Nothing and no one satisfies us. We go here and there in a monotony that suffocates us and plunges us into an ocean of doubts and uncertainty. We do not understand what is happening to us or what is happening to the world. In addition, we scrutinize our existential horizon and we do not find the slightest meaning in our existence. What can we do ? Despair has invaded us from head to toe. We breathe badly and our mood is plummeting.

Where does this feeling come from?

No place seems adequate to us. Every job we get turns into pain. Our body and our soul are heavy, too heavy. Existence is like a weight that we carry on our shoulders. We think about the world, how it works, and we realize that it is not for us. Pessimism takes hold of our being. We feel like we are not from the same planet or that we were born at the wrong time. What’s happening ? Where is my place in the world?  We ask ourselves frequently.

Being comfortable in a concrete context becomes extremely complicated. However, for some reason we don’t know, there are some magical places where everything seems to fit together beautifully. But what are these places? Every human being has his own. Some people feel comfortable in religious temples. Others in large gardens or immense forests. The sea is another place that causes a great feeling of connection with the world.

find our place in the world

Our place in the world and the expectations of others

If we stop for a moment to think about our feeling of distress, we can get great answers. Often times, those  around us have conditioned us and decided on the paths by which we should move forward in life. We ourselves, unconsciously, accept this path as if it were our own and desperately try to follow it. We can be successful professionally and technically, but not emotionally. Therefore, despite this apparent success, we feel completely lost.

Too often we have accepted the life that others wanted us to lead and have followed its paths poorly, without the slightest glory. We didn’t even consider other possible goals. So it’s time to ask ourselves if we are living the life we ​​want or if we have only listened to others.

Buddhist monk Venerable Damcho assures us that before moving forward and finding refuge in Buddhism, she worked as a journalist, was successful and had everything to triumph. However, she was not happy. Something was wrong. She therefore made the decision to give up this life dedicated to the media and to become a Buddhist monk. Since then, her dedication to others has made her extremely happy.

Lama Rinchen, master of Buddhist meditation, tells us a similar story. He is a successful entrepreneur who, one fine day, decided to give up the business and work making natural juices in a modest village shop. How far do we go to move our lives forward on the wrong paths? Are we really happy with what we are doing, even if we are successful? Let’s dive deep into our being and analyze what really satisfies us.

find a place in the world


Our place in the world, the inner void and Buddhism

Buddhism theorizes that the inner emptiness we feel from not finding our place in the world is due to disconnecting from our true Buddhist nature. But what is Buddhist nature? The answer is simple:  it is the ultimate state of being, a state in which we feel love and happiness. The key is therefore to put an end to the conditioning that causes our suffering and thus achieve happiness. By letting go of mental sentences, we will have a better chance of being happy in all circumstances.

Our place in the world therefore does not depend on where we are, but on our mental state. A mental state of peace, harmony, serenity and love. This way, no place will feel as hostile or inhospitable to us as it used to be. We will enjoy a true wholeness that will bring us to a state of harmony, regardless of where we are.

Happiness is a state of mind
Our thoughts Our thoughts

Happiness is not something that can be sold or bought, it is a reality that we must shape, including by changing our perception …

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