What Is Being A Mother?

What is being a mother?

You will teach them to fly, but they will not take you off.

You will teach them to dream, but they will not make your dreams come true.

You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life.

However … in every flight, in every life, and in every dream,

the trail of the taught path will always remain.

Mother Teresa of Calcuta

Being a mother is not just about changing diapers, heating bottles or fighting with purees.

This stage is only the beginning, that moment when a mother realizes that she is capable of doing anything for a world to which she has given life. This world is this child, into which millions of illusions are projected …

Being a mother means changing your life and your way of thinking for your children. It is giving all your heart and putting all your strength to good use, in order to allow your children to move forward, and to teach them how to live.

It’s having a purpose for the rest of your life. It’s about having at heart to make the most of every moment.

It’s being filled with opposite feelings as you see how your children are growing up, being overwhelmed by nostalgia as they move forward in life by leaps and bounds.

If there is one love that can be considered real, it is the sincere love of a mother, this eternal and infinite love.

In fact, being a mother involves following each of her children’s footsteps, until they are grown up. These little masters therefore teach their mother, without realizing it, to love unconditionally.

Being a mother means never being alone in her thoughts again, because a mother always thinks for two: for her children, and for herself.

A mother feels extremely lucky because she knows that her children are the greatest treasure she can have.

Motherhood is not always about smiling, but also crying torrents of tears.

Motherhood is many sleepless nights; an infinity of worries; hours spent chasing her children; days, months and years inventing hundreds of ways to get her children to eat vegetables and fish; endure arguments and tolerate with all the patience of the world the infinite twists and turns of life.

It is very difficult for a mother to say NO to her children, to challenge them, to see them fail and give up on their dreams or devalue themselves.

But she realizes the importance of limits, from which her children can learn.

A mother cannot live for her children, but she still tries to share as much as possible with them.

A mother therefore tries to sew large, light wings to her children, allowing them to fly very high.

A mother wants everything to be okay with her children, but she also wants them to experience troubled times and learn to navigate the high seas.

She knows that her children have to live with their demons, free themselves from the weights that weigh on their shoulders, and come up against the same obstacle a thousand times.

She sees better than anyone the faults of her children, nevertheless she accepts them and never hides them. She only has to look at her children to realize that they are not doing well, because she can detect their emotions better than anyone.

She also lives her guilt in the greatest terror, because feeling guilty and responsible for the problems of the person you love most in the world is terribly painful.

This is why a mother carries too much weight on her shoulders. Perhaps this act is heroic; but above all he is generous.

Sacrificing her goals, her aspirations and even her life for her children is probably not what makes a mother a courageous being, but the most tenacious and generous person in the world.

Getting up at night when your children have a fever, facing the world and overcoming all fears, allowing your children to move forward and protecting them from all dangers, this is what makes a mother the most beautiful example of courage and love.

Mothers are the strongest people in the world, and their weakness is also their strong point: the love they have for those who each day ignite their hearts and their desires to live.

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