What Cigarette Smoke Keeps You From Seeing

What cigarette smoke prevents you from seeing

Today, many people  are addicted to cigarettes. Some are aware of the responsibility that this entails, while others prefer to hide their face regarding the consequences of such an act.

We could list an endless number of medical reasons why it is important to quit smoking,  but it is very likely that you have read them before and that they are not having any effect on you.

Smoking acts as a positive reinforcer  (it relieves the urge to take a few puffs, and helps put an end to the anxiety)  and as a negative reinforcer  (it keeps you away from situations where you prefer to be on the margins).

In this article, we’ll analyze the psychological processes that reinforce this behavior, focusing on the reinforcers, which we believe have a strong connection to what you pretend to avoid when you light yourself a cigarette.

We are going to list some points that smoking hides part of your personality or what happens to you at certain times,  and tobacco smoke prevents you from clarifying, both physically and psychologically.

Here are some of them:

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to have your hands free. It means that you don’t feel totally prepared to take control of your life or adjust to any unforeseen situation, with your whole body.

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to continuously stare at a person. It may be that in the way you smoke, with your evasive movements,  you put yourself a protective barrier so as not to get too involved in relationships with others. 

– Tobacco smoke does not allow you to do things without it being present, because it permanently contaminates your concentration and intoxicates your moments of rest, although you probably think the opposite.

– Tobacco smoke does not allow you to see your loneliness.  From your window, in your bed, in your office, you don’t realize how lonely you are (either negatively or positively) because you lose awareness of the moment and reality.

– Tobacco smoke does not let you contemplate. A sunset, your child’s first steps… there are always interruptions due to the urge to smoke.

– Tobacco smoke does not let you know when you really want one food or another, everything may seem similar because it is a taste that mixes with everything.

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to put up with frustration,  it does not let you look at a map calmly when you are lost, it does not give you sufficient patience to program more or less important things.

– Tobacco smoke does not allow you to have freedom in your schedules. You have to wait for a cigarette break to be able to do something, and  you think your productivity is related to that. 


– Tobacco smoke does not allow you to go out for a quiet walk.  You go out to buy a pack of cigarettes no matter what, which means you give up your psyche and physically surrender yourself, to get yourself 20 tubes of nicotine.

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to show your exquisite upbringing,  because you burn out one in any possible situation.

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to run 8 kilometers, only 4.

– Tobacco smoke does not let you see that your monthly expenses can be replaced by gifts to the people you love or by a plane ticket halfway around the world.

– Tobacco smoke prevents you from smelling good,  even if you buy a luxury perfume.

– Tobacco smoke  does not allow you to see that you are wasting health, time and money. 

Put out your cigarette and be reborn with new abitudes! 

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