We Only Buy What Has A Price, The Rest Is Conquered

We only buy what has a price, the rest is conquered

In the society we live in, it’s very easy to confuse material with happiness.

We are continually being suggested that we can achieve anything, as long as we have things. It’s like everything has a price and you can buy everything with money.

But is it the richest who has the most? Maybe yes, but if we are talking about emotional richness, it is surely different.

Happier is he who can profit from the people who fulfill him, from the small pleasures and the harvests which he has sown with his efforts.

Thus, the emotions that make us live are not labeled in euros, dollars or pounds, they are conquered. The difference is considerable, as we will see.

Materiality is momentary

It is obvious that the material makes our life easier and can even bring us happy moments.

However, it is a momentary happiness: physical wealth can deliver us from basic needs like hunger, or decrease the feeling of sadness, but in the long run, it does not increase the psychological well-being.

This is why we must realize how quickly we can become material slaves to cope with it.

Putting a price on everything to make our life easier is very dangerous: to see material possessions as an end in itself is clearly a sign of slavery.


In fact, a person is not defined by what he has but by what he is: limiting himself to judging according to what the other has can give us a false and often very poor perspective of what he can. we bring.

We must therefore be aware of what really matters to us and of its spiritual value : we will conquer others, we fall in love with the world and it in turn falls in love with us.

This is how we will attract lasting happiness and genuine joy.

The essential is priceless

What good is all the money in the world if we have no one to sincerely share it with? VS

harles Dickens has already given us a proof in his Christmas Tale: giving is much more rewarding than being obsessed with something that does not bring us anything, from a human point of view.

flower girl

We can be very happy if, instead of paying for our dreams, we are struggling to achieve them. The future will fill us and we will feel more satisfied with ourselves because we will have understood how far we are capable of reaching.

It’s the same thing that happens when it comes to conquering people, and not just for a love purpose: from parents to children, not to mention friends and loves.

They will also realize the inspiration of valuing others: there is no more beautiful gift than a heart.

Happiness cannot be bought, it is conquered

Don’t hesitate: start conquering everything you know you can never buy, but which is within your reach.

We must forget the fear of going out of our comfort zone to offer what we are without restrictions and to learn from those around us.

Because no, the one who has the most money is not the richest. It is the one that comes true, for him and for others, who is the richest.


Of course, just waiting to be happy isn’t going to bring about happiness: any conquest requires courage, a lot of love, and some setbacks.

Remember, if you want to feel rich, you have to rely on everything you have and what you can’t buy. 

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