We Can Be Geniuses At Whatever Pleases Us

We can be geniuses at whatever pleases us

Surely you have already gone through a time in your life where you felt lost, because we didn’t know what to devote to you, or because you felt that you were not good enough to make it happen.

Perhaps social pressure, family pressure, or even your own demands are causing this difficulty in finding yourself. Surely there is something that you feel passionate about but maybe it is subconscious.

We are all geniuses

Geniuses like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking felt off topic when they were at school: their lack of interest made them believe they were failures and misunderstoods. Later, they all discovered that they had something to contribute to the rest of humanity, from the light bulb to the theory of relativity.

Maybe not all of us can create things as exceptional as their inventions, but surely there is a passion that you cherish above all else. The question is to look for it, to give your maximum and to find it, even if it takes a little longer than what is considered to be “normal”. 


If at times you’ve felt like you’re off topic in your job, school, or anywhere, don’t think you’re not worth enough. Maybe, quite simply, it’s not for you: don’t lose the urge and keep looking for what satisfies you. What arouses genius in you.

Look for what fills us

Being good at something doesn’t mean giving up trying. In fact, thinking that we are the strongest can stall our progress. Know that there is no better food than motivation to feel like we are good, but knowing that we have a lot of room for improvement.

In fact, the reward for dedication and effort is much greater. In addition, it is much more durable than what one receives after doing something easy. This is the logical process: we do not benefit from the goal as much as during the journey taken to reach it.

When we play the guitar, for example, we benefit enormously from the result because we feel rewarded by all these years of effort, damaged fingers and headaches that have allowed us to make several notes at the same time. So, once you’ve found your passion, your best bet is to harness it and give your best: if you get creative, you can surely make a living out of it.

The main key: enjoying yourself

As Confucius said: “Find a job you like and you will never work again in your life”. If we are aware of this, we will realize that work is not something negative, especially if we let what is in us speak. Taking advantage of the opportunities we are looking for is one of the keys to success, as long as we are happy with the result.  


Perceiving our work negatively has to do with lack of confidence. It is not a reason to punish us, far from it, and to despise what we are worth. Change your perspective and enjoy what excites you, because that’s what brings happiness.

So, if you feel like you haven’t found that place in your life yet, don’t be afraid: change what is making you perceive things negatively and take the path you need to. You will find happiness if this is what you are looking for and you will discover that by daring, we become geniuses.

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