Vulnerability Is Your Strength (resilience)

Vulnerability is your strength (resilience)

“I am vulnerable, I admit it”. But who is not? We are all hurt by different things. In everyday life, there are aspects that affect us and which, sometimes, make us more fragile.

Don’t be afraid of loneliness when you see the emptiness in your hands. Our fears are ours and no one can do anything to cover them up or hide them like old marbles in a child’s pocket.

We all remember this failure, which surely changed our lives. This path that we could not cross because we were disappointed, or because we were not brave enough.

Who hasn’t felt vulnerable at least once in their life? As we often say, in vulnerability is also strength. 

My vulnerability, my strength

We live in a society where only the strongest are the fittest. We value reason above feeling, we take as referents people capable of hiding their emotions to achieve their ends.

Sometimes we also educate our children with the idea that it is better for them to hide their tears, to remain silent and to wait, instead of expressing what is happening inside them.

Many children grow up looking for little places of peace to hide.

People who have been educated to hide their emotions have a serious deficiency which in the long run will bring them many problems.

They are able to deal with all this complex inner world: fear, anger, uncertainty, etc.

But what if they’ve always been told that they should never show what affects them?

The consequences of not knowing how to “assume” our vulnerability can generate several problems:

1.  When the fear, fear or insecurity factor arises, the person has only two options: to remain paralyzed without being able to react or to flee the situation.

2.  Failure to assume that we are fragile on the inside causes us to build a false shell which, sooner or later, will eventually be brought down.

3. It is necessary to take responsibility for our own vulnerability. Know that there are things that hurt you, so embrace them, understand them, and try to overcome them.

Vulnerability and resilience

We all have the wonderful ability to surpass ourselves in the face of adversity, difficulty, darkness and fear.

Resilience is a seed that we all harbor  in the depths of our being, and we only need to know how to use it when we need it.

For this, it is necessary to be aware of all these aspects:

1.  You are not as strong as you think.  You can’t take so much burden on yourself. You are not a super woman or a super man.

We all have our limits, and if you’re not aware of them, you won’t end up breaking your head. Protect yourself, set limits, and be aware of how far you can go. Feel your vulnerability and protect it.

2.  You yourself may already be aware of your vulnerability. But being vulnerable is not a permanent state. 

First, we have to recognize that we can be hurt, and that there are things that hurt. It is a first step in being able to put all the means and strategies into action to move forward, maintain your integrity and surpass yourself.

3. Sometimes life puts on its cruelest side and takes us down a difficult path. As you know, life tends to have serious side effects.

However, if you develop your resilience, you will succeed in protecting your integrity and you will come out stronger.

You will have to find in your interior a breath of hope, to which you will cling very strongly to get out of this situation.

You are more courageous than you think, because even if it seems surprising to you, your vulnerability is also your strength. 


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