Twin Relationships In The Cinema

The conviviality between twin brothers can be very peculiar and curious, which is why it is an excellent basis for creating dramatic and comedic films.
Twin relationships in the cinema

The conviviality between twin brothers can be very peculiar and curious, which is why it is an excellent basis for creating dramatic and comedic films. Twins in the Movies is such a recognizable aspect that it has its own subgenre in the film industry.

Some of these movies featuring twins may feature special relationships between these kinds of siblings. Twins in movies can illustrate how one can feel the forced separation between two brothers, the constant physical comparisons and even the addiction that can be created from different situations.

Here we present three iconic films starring twin brothers. It will be, from them, to illustrate some of the peculiarities in the relationship between twins.

The four of us , twins in the cinema separated at birth

This 1998 remake is hugely popular. A whole generation grew up watching this movie with Lindsay Lohan. The actress was only 11 when she played the role of twins Hallie and Annie, who were separated by their parents’ divorce shortly after birth.

The two sisters live in different countries, one in England and the other in the United States, separated by the Atlantic Ocean. But by a happy coincidence, they meet at a summer camp in Maine, USA. There, the twins hatch a plan to unite their family, which involves exchanging their lives. The American would go to London and the English to California.

This film echoes an unacceptable and unfair aspect. We are referring to the separation of the two sisters at birth through divorce from their parents. The worst part is that neither of the two girls knew about the other’s existence.

Although it’s hard to believe, there are a lot of true stories of forced twinning separations. As evidenced by the large number of twin brothers who are reunited by the hazards of life, like the surprising story of the separated triplets, shown in the documentary Three identical strangers .

Twins , differences between identical twins and fraternal twins in the cinema

This twins movie is an iconic 80s comedy. Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger play twin brothers, who have big physical differences. In the film, the two characters find out that they are twins, although they do not look alike at all. They are in fact the result of an experiment which had unexpected results.

However, the differences between these two brothers are not only physical, but also moral and mental:  Julius (Schwarzenegger) is an honest person with a formal education and extremely naive. While Vincent (DeVito) is a pathological liar and a professional con artist.

The explanation for the big physical difference between the two may be that the brothers are not exactly identical twins. Rather, they are fraternal twins, that is, fraternal twins. This type of twins is the product of the fertilization of two eggs by two different sperm. In this way, the result can be two very different physically brothers who were born on the same day.

However, in reality, the differences between twins are usually not that extreme. Therefore, the explanation may be different: heteroparental multiple fertilization. The two twin brothers can each have a different father. It is extremely rare, but doable. This happens when the mother releases more than one egg and it is fertilized by more than one man in a short period of time.

Pretenses , a common identity between twins in the cinema

Twins in movies often respond to some similar structures. The most common stereotype is to catalog one of the twins as the bad and the other as the good. It is precisely this outline which is at the base of the scenario of this film.

The twins Elliot and Beverly are two gynecologists specializing in the treatment of female infertility. Elliot takes advantage of the women he treats, while Beverly comforts them. All this without the women knowing that they are identical twins.

Everything changes when the brothers meet Claire, a woman unable to conceive due to the shape of her uterus. The two brothers come into conflict because Beverly falls in love with Claire. Whereas Elliot is obsessed with her only because of the peculiar morphology of her uterus.

When Claire finds out that Beverly has a twin brother, she feels betrayed and ends her relationship. Beverly then sinks into a depression that he can only relieve with drugs. Thus, the relationship between the twins enters an existential crisis.

It is clear that the relationship between Elliot and Beverly is a relationship of common identity. This happens when the twins take refuge in each other, that is, they are dependent on each other, seeing each other as a single entity. Thus, each one has a partial formation of the “I”. This makes it difficult for them to relate to others: their romantic relationships are short and their friendships do not last long. These kind of twin brothers cannot live without each other.


The strange village of twins
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