Top 10 Psychology Phrases

The 10 best psychology phrases

Since the emergence of psychology as a scientific discipline, many authors have made fundamental contributions to this field. It is difficult to synthesize all the ideas that have contributed to its development  and that is why we will only highlight the most famous. Some of these psychology phrases will be familiar to you and others will be less popular; however, they will all make you think.

We invite you to take a walk on the path of the history of psychology, through the abstractions of its main authors. The latter, thanks to their findings, marked a before and an after  and still serve as the basis for many current researches. We will go deeper into this through the following psychology sentences.

The positive confrontation

Carl Rogers was one of the great references of humanistic psychology and defended a positive vision of the human being. He does not deny the existence of hostility and danger that exists in the world, as well as the problems that people face. However,  he stresses the importance of facing all these difficulties with good humor  and an optimistic point of view. Depending on his perspective, we can all become the type of person we want.

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Learn through a flexible mindset

If we lived in a very poor country where drinking clean water was a utopia, thinking about the next car we’re going to buy ourselves would be inconsistent, wouldn’t it? This is why it is one of the best phrases in psychology.

Maslow invites us to reflect on  how context changes the way we think. It goes deeper into the idea that we must constantly adapt the way we see reality and how reality changes depending on the environment, the means we benefit from and our thoughts.

The importance of conflict resolution

As a disciple of Freud, Jung was one of the most important authors who wrote a theory on the impact of the intrapsychic life of people. It is therefore important  to overcome the problems and not to suppress them because if we cover them up, they can suddenly erupt. His book Conflicts of the Infant Soul is considered one of the most important writings on the intimate life of the child.

What we transmit is not always understood

We sometimes talk as if the person in front of us shares our ideas. Virginia Satir, one of the most important psychologists in history, invites us to take into account the considerations of others.

From her writings, Virginia invites us to interact with others by accepting their point of view and their way of understanding life. If we regard our opinions as the only ones that exist, we will weaken our power of communication.

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Flexibility of mind is shown through what we don’t like

Chomsky is currently one of the most influential psycholinguists and thinkers. This reflection refers to the ease with which we accept people who share our opinions and our tastes and  the difficulty we have when it comes to tolerating those who are at the opposite end of our ideas. It is in controversy and difference that we demonstrate the tolerance and flexibility of mind that we really have.

Self-realization comes with the satisfaction of values

This anthropological proposition by Frankl aims to be motivating in itself. This author  revalues ​​the spiritual dimension of people and applies it to the achievement of the objectives set. It is only through it that we will succeed in self-fulfillment in accordance with our values.

Viktor Frankl considers the ultimate meaning of life to go beyond what we are capable of comprehending. Without a doubt, this is one of the psychology phrases worth keeping in mind on a daily basis.

The greatness of living lies in love

Here is one of the best psychology phrases. We can find it in the book The art of loving . Erich Fromm considers love to overcome barriers of isolation and loneliness.

Kindness, nobility and generosity reside in love. And it is by offering love that we succeed in achieving true happiness. Ours and that of the people around us.


Uncertainty is a constant in life

This French psychologist studies the limited use of reason and the unconscious use of mental shortcuts and heuristics to make decisions. He considers that  people must live with the cognitive biases of which they are victims. Among these is uncertainty. Above all, you have to learn to accept and manage them.

Appreciate the present in everyday life

Seligman, as a pioneer of positive psychology, assumes that happiness is intrinsic to human beings. It is for this reason that it is good, from time to time,  to stop for a moment to reflect and appreciate what is around us. This will increase our internal strength and make us live in constant harmony, removing concerns and sorrows.

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Can we learn to think?

Faced with traditional theories, Skinner considered that motivation has no connection with people’s needs. In other words,  it is not necessary to take into account the desires or the reasons which push the individuals to act. He views this thought learning as behavioral training, which is part of his instrumental conditioning.

So here are some of the best psychology phrases out there. They may not be the most beautiful but they are the ones that contain the essence of this discipline. They include the main fields of study and research. They also allow us to see what approximations have been made on different aspects of human existence.


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