Time Flies, But Remember: You Are The Pilot

Time flies, but remember: you are the pilot

You may think that you are constantly running out of time when in reality, it is you who are running out of time. You may also be amazed at the speed at which days, months, years pass … However, remember that even if time flies, you are the pilot: you are the one who has to. take control at any time to enjoy the wonderful views it offers …

Saint Augustine said with great accuracy that  few things are as complex to define as the idea of ​​time. If no one asks me, I know what it is, but if someone asks me what time is, I am unable to explain it”. All of this can become even more complex if we take into account the fact that, for example, every culture and even every country has a distinct perception of this concept.

For a large part of Western societies, time “is money”. It may sound a little frivolous, but since the start of the industrial revolution, this persistent and unstoppable “ticking” has been synonymous with money. Our daily life is built on the basis of a series of standards and routines which, for the most part, are defined by our working days.

There is a particularly curious fact which should invite us to think seriously. According to an article published in the journal Business Insider , countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands or Austria have a very linear view of time. What’s more, for them, time spent at work is time well spent. A full time of value.

However, for the population of southern Europe, as for Spain or Italy, this vision changes a bit. Authors like Richard Lewis tell us that people are “multi-active”: the more things they do at the same time, the happier they are. However,  the best way to use your time is not by working, but by being in the company of other people. In this case, time turns to gold, building quality social relationships.

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The time of childhood, the time of maturity

A child has a very different view of time than an adult. For those little ones who have done nothing but awaken with a life, the perceptual information is so intense, magical and fascinating that everything seems much more alive. The days unfold in a placid and slow way, like a large pachyderm moving at the speed of a snail on a sheet of extraordinary shapes, textures and colors, on which there is an infinity of things to discover, information to internalize and new memories to integrate.

However,  the adult lives completely immersed in this music box where the same melody resonates over and over again. The mechanisms of the routine extinguish the illuminations, trap us in the connecting rods of the predictable and the ordinary, to the point of making us completely disconnect from everything that, in the past, seemed extraordinary to us.

Thus, since the world seems too familiar to us, since all days have the same anatomy and the same flavor, time is moving rapidly and relentlessly for us, for this adult perception which, a long time ago, was undone from company of this pachyderm who, when we were children, invited us to move more slowly. To focus on “the here and now”.

elephant representing time for a child

These two perspectives, that of childhood and maturity, give life to what William James once called “psychological time”. Through this theory, he reminds us  that time doesn’t have to speed up as we get older. To a certain extent, it mostly depends on the way we live our life and our ability to keep experimenting, to appreciate every nuance that surrounds us with joy and curiosity.

Don’t let time fly for you … Fly it!

Time flies, and even more so when we are adults, we all know it. However, we have to keep in mind that  we are the pilot: we must therefore allow ourselves to be more present and to enjoy the wonderful views it offers us,  taking advantage of the moment and making use of it. of these hot winds capable of carrying us towards the most beautiful sunrises.

Despite everything, it is obvious that we all have obligations, a job to do, goals to achieve and routines to follow to give a certain harmony to our existence. However, to enjoy a better quality of life, it would be necessary to understand a small aspect. Time is, in fact, the most precious thing that a human being can use. Therefore, we have to choose well in what and with whom we want to use it.

The one who does not take advantage of it or who does not dedicate himself to anything really satisfying is just wasting his life. It will be years that fly away, that vanish like a piece of sugar in a huge ocean. Don’t allow it. As we often say, sometimes you have to let things happen, but  there comes a time when you have to make certain things happen,  because we need them.

To achieve this, there are no other options than to take the controls of the plane and to seek our destiny, our place of life, the people who will surround us, the goals that we will follow … that is possible. Let’s make the most of our time.

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