Three Types Of Men You Should Never Get Into A Relationship With

Three types of men you should never have a relationship with

Neither men nor women are perfect. They are far from being. We all have flaws and we all go through times in our lives when it is very difficult for us to support others, and even the people who love us the most. However, some character traits can be highly counterproductive in a romantic relationship, and go way beyond a series of one-off moments.

Two realities are at the root of this problem: you can never know a person completely, and people change. A man may look absolutely adorable at first, but then you end up wondering where the wonderful Prince Charming went that you first met. But the opposite can also happen: a man may initially seem like the most boring thing to you, and over time you find a hidden treasure in him.

“We are in love when we realize that the other person is unique.”
– Jorge Luis Borges –

What is certain, however, is that some people have a very bad way of relating to others. Perhaps they are unable to love, cannot tolerate being loved, or they are trapped in their own hell of guilt, resentment, or fear. In these cases, barring a miracle, the relationship will necessarily end in failure. In the rest of this article, we present three types of men with whom it is best to keep your distance.

A man of this type can go from the greatest tenderness to the greatest aggressiveness, and quite often, nothing has happened that can explain this change. So you can never really explain to yourself what happened. Simply, one day, he is dying of love for you and covers you with compliments and hugs, and the next day, he rejects you in an acidic, and sometimes even, cruel way.

Usually these guys are impulsive. Without realizing it or knowing quite how, you begin to feel a deep ambiguity towards them. You fall for it when they are in their love phase; you cannot imagine that a man could be more affectionate and devoted than him, and you feel that you love him and that with him you live the great love that you have always dreamed of. Then, when the monster inside him awakens, you feel something quite different: rejection, even some hatred for his instability or fear, because you can never predict the drastic changes in his behavior.


Men of this type are emotionally exhausting. They harbor a deep conflict with themselves, which they cannot resolve. They are quite egotistical, which is why they ignore the consequences this can have on you. What is certain is that they are not ready to have a romantic relationship, neither with you nor with anyone else.

There are many ways to lie, the most obvious of which is talking about facts or situations that never happened. However, living by always seeking to pretend, by making promises that one does not keep, and by getting used to circumstances with which one does not agree, these are just as many ways of falling into falsehood. .

Usually, we spot a liar not by his way of lying to us, but by his way of lying to others; indeed, if he does it with others, why shouldn’t he also do it with us? Often these lies are not obvious to detect, because there are men who are true professionals when it comes to faking. This is why it is so important to trust the way these men behave with others.


A person who constantly lies will make it impossible to develop trust in the relationships he has with others. Soon you will find yourself spying on her, or smelling her things to see if she is cheating on you. So it is impossible to build a worthwhile relationship with a compulsive liar.

In the company of these men, you constantly have the impression that you are walking on eggshells. Usually they are critical of what you do, what you say, and sometimes even the way you see things and the world.  This trait is unique to successful men who have money, and who are just looking for someone who can keep them company and behave exactly as they want.

With them, you always feel valued and generally belittled. When you feel like saying something, you stir your idea all over the place in your mind before you verbalize it. You measure the way you behave when he is around you, and you adopt a tense attitude, which leaves no room for spontaneity. Suddenly you become a very quiet person when you are in his presence; or, if you do talk, you can’t help but always pay attention to his expression as you speak, and his reaction to what you say.


In the most extreme cases, these domineering and narcissistic men also end up becoming violent. They believe that everyone, and especially their partner, should behave as they expect. This is why they opt for intimidation, which can involve subtle psychological games or even direct physical co-actions. With these types of men, you can never be happy.

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