This Short Film Will Teach You A Lesson In Love And Luck

This short film will teach you a lesson about love and luck

In love, a mystery remains intact: why are we attracted to certain people and not to others?

The reasons which push us to choose to be with this or that person are an enigma of the sentimental universe which surrounds us.

Even if we have no idea what is behind the first glances exchanged, the irrepressible desire to spend more time with the other or the initial attraction, what we know in any case is that generally, these first moments are wonderful.

This is the mystery of love, just as surprising as it is magical, so much so that even those who have known love are sometimes unable to explain it.


“Each person who comes through our life is unique. She always leaves a little of herself, and goes with a little of us. Some may take more than others, but none can leave nothing. This is clear proof of the fact that two souls do not meet by chance. ”

-Jorge Luis Borges-


Read the rest of this article, and you will discover a short film that will allow you to reflect on this capacity that love has to be able to turn our world upside down in the space of a few seconds.

Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou , is a metaphor for the birth of love and luck.

When I met you my wheel started to turn

Jenkins is an unlucky young man bathed in an atmosphere where nothing seems to go his way.

Lou, on the other hand, is a very lucky young girl, because everything around her is favorable to her. One fine day Jenkins and Lou meet, and from then on, everything seems to change for them.

Let’s see what’s going on:

As you can see, Jenkins and Lou are two diametrically opposed people.

Their two universes may not meet so accidentally, resulting in an unexpected change in their respective lives.

It is the same in our lives; each of us has our own way of seeing the world, influenced by previous experiences, which can lead us to encounter difficulties.


When we meet someone and fall in love with them, we let them enter our world so that they can get to know us better. Thus, we also risk entering the world of the other



During this meeting, we show each other, we exchange visions, opinions, feelings and actions.

We then take the first dance steps of the choreography of our relationship, which can allow us to continue dancing together, if they are in rhythm and synchronized.

But this dance is imbued with the style of each one, and can therefore be modified in certain situations if the need arises.


In a way, two people who love each other must learn to accompany each other so that they can begin to build a strong relationship.


It is therefore the combination of our universes, our styles and our steps that forms the soil in which our relationship can germinate.

Together, we transform to be able to build a relationship

The same thing happens to us in our lives as Jenkins and Lou did, but the change is about different things.

He needs to be a little luckier, and to broaden his view of things. She, on the other hand, must understand that luck will not always smile on her.

Sometimes, by dint of seeing life in a definite way, we put blinders on ourselves and we think that we will never be able to solve our problems, until someone comes into our life and shows us a new perspective that we did not even suspect the existence at the time.

Together, we transform our worlds, and we support each other when difficulties arise.

Thus, we flourish not only personally, but also together. You learn from me and I from you, and this by taking a different perspective on life.

Now that we have met, we will not be able to return to our initial state.

Because of the bond that has been woven between us, a small part of the essence of the other remains imbued in us, in our soul.


“The meeting between two people is like the contact between two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, then the two are transformed”

-Carl G. Jung-


Love is a mystery, and to experience it is something inexplicable. We do not know at all why we choose certain people and not others.

As we have been able to observe, a simple meeting can give rise to an idyll or push the luck to smile at us more.

The important thing is not so much to be equal; what really matters is that magic of love, that feeling that arises after two universes have met, and that transforms two people for the rest of their lives.

And you, are you ready to transform your universe?

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