The World Of People With Asperger’s Syndrome

The world of people with Asperger's syndrome

The world of people with Asperger’s syndrome is the same world as everyone else. However, the way they perceive it requires above all a great deal of empathy.

On the other hand, you should know that this is not a pathology, even if this syndrome involves some differential aspects which condition the social life of the individual as well as that of those around him.

In other words, people with Asperger’s disease live with the characteristics that give the syndrome this name. Thus, it is very important that they themselves understand them and that others too are able to understand them, to improve personal performance and their social capacities.

If we don’t, a person with Asperger’s syndrome may feel confused, sad, and anxious. It is our duty to explain to them what makes them different and to make them understand that these aspects do not make them better or worse than another.

If we can get them to understand this, then they will be able to get a feel for the world they live in and will have an easier time adjusting to it.

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Asperger’s syndrome is a  severe neurobiological developmental  disorder that is part of the autism spectrum. To diagnose it, we mainly focus on the following points:

  • Problems with typical patterns of social interaction, even with close people such as parents (in the case of children).
  • Conversational linguistic expression and possible problems in non-verbal communication. Normally, language handling is high but presents difficulties when interacting with others: interpreting semantic ambiguities, obsessions with certain specific themes or reading between the lines, for example.
  • Lack or maintenance of gaze when speaking: People with Asperger’s syndrome frequently avoid eye contact when talking to others.

The wonderful world of Asperger’s

As Álvaro Girón Martín states, the world seen by people with Asperger’s disease can be wonderful, because behind the bad side of the coin there is also a very positive side and this is the one we would like to show you.

So, according to him, here are some interesting points to know:

  • Full confidence. Faced with the problems of social integration that they may encounter, people with Asperger’s syndrome integrate into their circle of trust individuals who understand them and speak with them in all sincerity.
  • Great Listening Ability: Unlike our bad habits, people with Asperger’s syndrome perfectly dominate the listening skills, do not continually interrupt or make personal judgments in the middle of normal conversation.
  • Productive and coherent conversation. People with Asperger’s disease have their own way of seeing things, they defend it consistently and don’t get carried away by the rest of society.
  • Vivid imagination. Psychiatrist Michael Fitzgerald, a specialist in this field, underlines the great capacity for ingenuity of people with Asperger’s syndrome. Their preoccupation with certain very precise subjects practically makes them experts, even if no diploma certifies it.
  • Power of memory. Precisely, the fact of being interested in concrete subjects allows them to develop an exceptional memory, which can prove to be a real success in various fields of knowledge.

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