The Secret Is In The Desires

The secret is hidden in the cravings

A lot of the things we get in life always have to do with craving and the relentlessness with which we do things, rather than luck.

While we lament the bad luck that befalls us, we waste our time not knowing that the secret is in cravings.

With dreams and work, we can achieve more than our dreams. This is perhaps the best magic formula …

“I never have a chance! Others always get better than me! Do they want a job? They have it ! They don’t study, and they pass their exams. None of this happens to me, I’m out of luck and nothing turns out the way I would like. I’m sick of it, I’m tired of seeing that everything is against me. Why is this happening to me? Why is the world so unfair and bad luck getting to me? Maybe the secret is not in luck, precisely. Maybe the secret is in the cravings. ”

Does this speech mean anything to you? Do you feel concerned? You are even laughing because you say to yourself: this is precisely what I say when I see everything in black and I am invaded by negative thoughts that do not lead me to anything good!

Maybe you are not on the right path and are not seeing things for the way they really are. Lamenting and reveling in the negatives doesn’t do you much good.

Maybe you need some clarity in this dark tunnel that you have stepped into. Maybe the secret lies in the cravings.

Everything is possible, even touching the sky with your hands

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Anything is possible, even touching the sky with your hands. Obstacles do not exist if there is neither desire nor dream . There are no insoluble obstacles if we feel like it and pass it on to others.

Often times we believe that other people are going through great things because they are lucky, that life is on their side. It is possible that there is some truth to it, but that is not the only reason.

If you think of examples like the lotto, of course the desire and the effort will not get things done, but these are grains of sand.

There are a lot of things that are up to us or at least largely. So, why not start building our dreams right now using cravings as a basis?

4 situations where cravings are the key to success

Desires, passion, motivation are essential elements for the pursuit of his dreams.

Triumphs and victories do not come by fluke but by dedication marked by constancy and effort.

Here we are going to give you four everyday life situations where cravings are the fundamental factor:

  • A relationship that works: It doesn’t just depend on you, but the other person as well.
    But, what if your relationship doesn’t work out because you haven’t learned that love is teamwork? So, don’t you think that with a little envy you could have the spouse you’ve always dreamed of? Commitment to the other person in a relationship is fundamental for this to work.
  • Succeed at school. Some people need more time to learn than others, this is obvious. But in studies, the one who wants to do more than the one who can only.
    Maybe someone is smarter than you, but with willpower and desire you can pass your exams. You can be whoever you want, the secret is in the cravings.
  • Get the job of your life. It is not as easy as I expected. Often times, we are stuck in the middle of our dream path. But like many other things in life, you shouldn’t stop there… “Maybe if I had tried…”
    If you are struggling for the job of your dreams, sooner or later it will appear.
  • Be happy. Being happy is an attitude. Of course when we have a loved one in the hospital, or someone who is dead, we don’t want to hear that.
    But even in the worst time, one can find peace and happiness. If we accept things as they come.

The secret is in the cravings… Never give up! Be constant and strive, fall but get up .

Learn from every fall, from every stone on the way. Rest to regain strength and energy, but continue on your dream path.

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