The Psychological Consequences Of Unemployment

The psychological consequences of unemployment

Unemployment has an even more bitter face than the one it shows: the invisibility and stigmatization of those who suffer from it.

This worsens the complicit silence of many health professionals that we consider without clear consequences in people increasingly demanding psychological and psychiatric attention.

Even if the road is still hard, many are the voices which start to denounce this situation, since one cannot solve a problem quickly and in depth if there is not a real awareness of the magnitude of what is happening. come.

Nothing to do with victimizing pessimism: prolonged unemployment and poor working conditions can prove fatal to health.

A study conducted by the British journal BMC Public Health Journal shows that prolonged unemployment can cause mental disorders, and that precarious work increases somatic illnesses, directly linked to a high level of stress (one of the main causes of depression).

The French doctor Michael Debout recently published Traumatisme du unemployment , a book in which he explains how to compensate for the undesirable effects of this situation of inactivity at work.

Faced with the impossibility of the health authorities to curb the situation and their powerlessness, it will be necessary to take into account certain observations from the psychological level.

All of them can help you understand that your feelings of frustration are more common than it seems and that seeking professional help is not “just for crazy people”.

Taking into account what has been said previously, we will be more aware and tolerant of our feelings and we will take more distance from the following observations in the face of our current unemployment situation.

Unemployment can undermine your reality, but not what you aspire to

Did you hold a position for which you were too qualified? If so, then you share this reality with many young people of the current generation.

So, for example, in some places, branches of engineering or architecture have been blown up.

Because of this situation, sometimes some people have to do much less skilled work just in order to survive, thus neglecting the perfectionism of their profession.

When that happens, it’s best to take a step back: allow yourself to do work that guarantees your survival, but doesn’t destroy your dreams.


Even with greater effort, the important thing for personal achievement is not to lose sight of values ​​and goals while balancing those goals with skilled work.

It sounds obvious, but losing that perspective will blur your limits and make it difficult for you to see how well you are sailing towards a port.

Get rid of unfounded guilt

Playing with guilt is one of the most powerful strategies of control, operated by those who seek to impose it on others by playing with their feelings.

This manipulation can occur in the private sphere as well as in the public sphere.

Some honest, trustworthy and responsible people carry a tremendous sense of guilt behind them for the difficult situation they are going through.

They feel they are victims, but also guilty, because the ambiguity sometimes becomes unbearable.


Taking responsibility for your situation is helpful, but taking full responsibility when it doesn’t suit you is destructive.

Be part of a group

You can fight individually, but what is certain is that faced with such a large number of people in the same situation, finding a place in a large group is a good option.

The ideal is to rely on people with whom you share time and common interests.


There are great professional goals, which can sometimes determine a whole life, and this far from conformism. Avoid associating with people who reduce your field of vision in the professional field: over time, they will also end up reducing the rest of your fields of vision.

Joining a group whose members are in the same situation of unemployment as us but in continuous training can not only increase the chances of success, but also self-esteem as well as motivation.

We must also understand that sometimes, selfishness is an act of generosity towards others: we do not waste our time and we do not waste theirs on others either.

unemployed people sitting on a chair

Are we conditioned by our age?

We are our worst enemies in the face of prejudice and limiting labels.

If we look behind us and take a look at everything we have learned so far, we will be taken by the impulse.

If we think of all that remains for us to go and the unattainable that seems to correspond to our goal, we will feel paralyzed.

Sometimes the fear is such that we look for an excuse good enough not to commit, to give in to this panic in the face of “failure”, this evaluation and this social pressure relating to the least of our actions. .

If we continue to take the future and the gaze of others as a perspective, then we will stagnate.

We won’t move forward, but we won’t back down either, which is why we have to decide whether or not we want to stay at a standstill until we fall over the precipice.

The golden rule: don’t worry, get busy

Take care to remedy this situation, which seems urgent, and without waiting too long.

Do it in such a way that the moments dedicated to daily reflection are spaced out, and as short as possible.

Usually, unemployment increases the rate of instability among neurotic people.


It is mainly because of laziness that one cannot find a job, and that depends exclusively on oneself; you can get used to everything, even working.


Don’t give time too much leeway, as it usually always ends up betraying you in times of particularly intense expectation and emotional strain.

Even if you can’t work, do whatever it takes to; you should not only be skilled, but also aware, and ready for a competitive daily routine.

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