The Power Of The Forgotten: Positive Emotions

The power of the forgotten: positive emotions

Emotions are those innate processes that are part of our life and to which we do not pay sufficient attention … In recent years, and more and more, we have insisted on the direct relationship that they have on our health. In fact, positive emotions can boost our health in the same way that negative emotions can weaken it.

As many studies show us, our central nervous system and our immune system communicate directly with each other. This means that the emotions and the body are not separate, but very interconnected.

“A clear-headed mind and a good heart with warm feelings are the most important things. If the mind does not move towards positive and elevated thoughts, one will never be able to achieve happiness. ”

-Dalai Lama-

What is certain is that in the information and publications that reach us, we insist on the repercussion of negative emotions. That is to say, we are warned of the negative influence that certain emotions have on our health and we are guided on the convenience of avoiding negative emotions such as fear, anger etc. But, what is not well known is that blocking these emotions can be a source of health problems.

Emotions that take care of our health

Lately, some health experts have taken a shift in their vision and the way they deal with emotions. That is to say, they fabricated their approaches in the positive. Instead of focusing and focusing on negative emotions, they turned their gaze to the power of positive emotions.

Arturo Agüero, doctor and director of the Diego Alcorta National Hospital in Argentina, assures in his book Emotions that heal that positive emotions can dislodge the negative charge of other sensations that, anchored in our body, threaten our health.

Likewise, the American doctor B. Fredrikson, winner of the “ Highest templeton prize in Positive Psychology”, after years of scientific research, discovered the incredibly stimulating effect of positive emotions on health.

“Laughter is terribly relaxing, it’s a great moment of meditation. Laughter is incredibly beautiful, it gives you lightness, wings to fly. And life is full of opportunities for laughter. All you need is sensitivity. ”


The University of Kentucky has also carried out longevity research. The result demonstrated a link between positive emotions and longevity. After decades of research, there is indeed evidence that sheds light on the link between positive emotions and health status and life expectancy. In fact, those who experience more positive emotions have been shown to have lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

Certain positive emotions and feelings …

Joy and distraction

Joy is perhaps one of the quickest emotions. It happens in an instant, when we find ourselves in an environment that turns out to be pleasant. It appears in the “perfect” times when we feel that things are exactly as they should be and that we are where we should be.

Likewise, distraction is the emotion associated with pleasure and is found in what makes us laugh and allows our recreation. Distraction, in this sense, is a powerful natural relaxant.

-Anatole France-


This emotion must be understood in its broadest sense. Thank life, nature, our companions in life… Feeling fulfilled by good health, by the place where we live etc.

Thanking is also a cause for joy. It means that someone is taking care of us or that luck is smiling on us. And who doesn’t feel comforted by this?

“Gratitude is a flower that springs up in the soul.”



Serenity is a more relaxed, lasting and subtle emotion than joy. We take advantage of it when we are fully present and aware of what we are going through. In addition, serenity is the emotion that makes it easier for us to see the forest and not just the tree in front when there is a problem, which increases the possibilities of finding a solution.


Interest is a condition that motivates exploration and investigative behaviors. Through interest, we have the desire and motivation to learn and develop our knowledge, qualities and skills.


When we are in love, there is a biological reaction in our body that increases our levels of oxytocin and progesterone. The consequence is immediate: it increases our feeling of well-being and the stress level is reduced. Thus, our health and our quality of life improve.

“Hate does not decrease with hatred. Hate decreases with love. ”


In conclusion, research encourages a change in the way we understand emotions, feelings or more prolonged emotional states. Thus, it would not be so much a question of blocking negative emotions as of stimulating positive emotions because they are the ones which neutralize the negative ones. In fact, this new point of view continues to give value to all emotions, regardless of the valence they have.

Negative emotions have an indisputable adaptive value. And positive emotions have a transcendent and evolving purpose that goes beyond the pleasurable sensations they bring to us.

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