The Four Great Moments Of The Day

The four great times of the day

It is certain that having read the title, you have thought of your four great moments of the day. For their emotional charge, for the amount of positivity they transmit, for the intensity of the moment …

Every day we use a certain amount of battery. When night comes, we need to recharge it so that we can function properly the next day. But what if there were times that kept us energized in the morning, afternoon, and evening? Why don’t we take advantage of the power they have over us to recharge us?

Early in the morning

It is very likely that waking up in the morning to hearing the sound of the alarm clock does not sound particularly pleasant to you. But far from the laziness of getting up, the day has begun! And time flies by. Why do the minutes seem so short at this time of day?

morning mood

Showering, preparing the children, drying your hair, tidying up the house, making the bed, airing… Before stepping out of the door, we have a lot of things to do. It is for this reason that it is important to get up well. Our mood for the day largely depends on what will happen in the hour before leaving for work.

If we are annoyed, it is most likely that when problems arise we will not be able to deal with them properly. Or at least not in the same way as if we had gotten off on the right foot. For example, if we are in a hurry, thousands of things can happen to us, the result of thoughtlessness or impatience. We stain our shirts, we forget to take a document …

So that this does not happen, we can set the alarm clock 20 minutes earlier than what we are used to and also go to bed a little earlier. Try packing your clothes the night before or taking out the trash after dinner. Being orderly and systematic can help condition your morale to be in the best shape possible before you leave home.

Meal, alone or accompanied?

Without doubt, the meal is one of the great moments of the day. Either it continues to tire us out, or it turns into a bomb that continues to give us energy for the rest of the day. In fact, when we get home and want to manifest the fatigue we are feeling, we usually say, “I haven’t even had time to eat!” “.

After a tiring morning at work, it is very common for the meal to follow the same pattern. We go out to lunch with colleagues and continue to talk about the meeting we had, the one that is coming or what we think of the leader’s attitude. In fact, we don’t disconnect.

share a meal

Lunch can be a good time to discuss other things. Fun activities, hobbies, jokes … Any theme that allows you to enjoy your colleagues in a different way. In addition, it allows to know a little more about each one.

It can also be a good idea to go out to eat on your own one day, stay with a friend, family member, or come home and surprise your partner. These are options that give you  room to build up strength for the rest of the day.

A moment for you

It is this moment specially reserved to be with ourselves. A moment that allows us to be at peace and to enjoy what surrounds us. Go for a walk, read in the metro after work, do yoga or mediation, chat on the phone with someone, watch a series, go out for a jog, cook …

For the tastes, the colors… We all have a moment in which we feel in harmony. Look for it and dedicate this moment to yourself, because routine may steal it from you little by little. You cannot allow that. Taking this time away from you in the long run can lead to the onset of anxiety, low morale, melancholy or sadness.

to relax

Reunion with the family at home

Although in this case we put it in fourth position, it is one of the highlights of the day, if not the best. It is this moment during which by going up in the elevator or on the landing you can taste the smell of your accommodation.

Open the door and find a smile and a hug that comforts you. See your kids having a taste or pick them up from school, give them kisses and ask them how their day was. Do homework with them, go to the park, take them to sports or to the movies… All this is priceless. Few moments are comparable to these.


Sometimes, due to everyday life, we enter a dynamic that does not allow us to enjoy these great moments of everyday life. They are synonymous with pleasure and we must be able to appreciate them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a piece of bread or to arrive home and know someone is waiting for them. For that, consider yourself as privileged and enjoy each of these moments as if it were the first time that you felt them.


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