The Dizziness Of Starting From Scratch, A Revolutionary Start

Every beginning is scary, but remember, you are not starting from scratch, you have gained experience. Now you just need to find out what psychological forces you need to apply on this journey filled with changes that will bring you closer to happiness. We are talking about it here.
The dizziness of starting from scratch, a revolutionary start

Starting from scratch makes us dizzy. The nerves swirl in the stomach, in the mind, they speed up the heart and even the ground under our feet. There are many fears, but the need to give ourselves endless new possibilities is strong. How many times have we seen each other in these starting points so determining and painful at the same time?

Maybe many times, maybe never. The reality is that leaving a lot of things that are known to us to take a new step is not easy. Some of us can’t find the courage to do it.

However, most of us have thought about it at some point. Press the reset button  to change everything. What haunts us now will be behind us and we can walk through new doors, experience new tunes and a new me.

We like the idea, it’s appealing. However, this process requires psychological strengths and open attitudes, as well as something decisive: to be clear about our experience so as not to fall into the same mistakes, to shape a reality more in line with our values ​​and needs.

To commit to change, you must first sign an agreement with yourself. It is a necessary step. Let’s dig deeper into the subject.

Start from scratch, the courage to let go.

Start from scratch: the courage to let go and start over

At more than one point in our lives, we perceive that there is something wrong. Sometimes it is our work, too demanding, too exhausting, that makes us lose our mind when we wake up. Sometimes it is our relationships, our partner, our friends, our family… Certain dynamics end up bringing us more suffering than happiness and we feel that we have to move away from them.

On the other hand, often what we need is to see ourselves in another scenario, with other points of view, other people and other occupations. The need for self-renewal often requires starting from scratch. It is a feeling that we may experience many times during our life cycle.

However, as we have pointed out, not all of us find these psychological forces capable of pushing us, of giving us determination when doubts make us tremble. That is why we are talking here about the resources that can help us develop during these stages.

Focus: remembering why you are doing it and what you expect

We have to focus, mobilize our attention, our motivation, our thoughts and our attitudes towards our goal. It is about promoting this progression towards a new stage.

To achieve this and overcome the sting of these doubting fears, we have to remember why we are doing it, what is the reason why we want to start from scratch.

  • It is advisable to specify the reasons which push us towards this vital leap : I want to progress , I want to leave behind me situations which made me unhappy , I hope to grow as a person
  • It’s also good to remember what neuroscience tells us about these vital changes: Getting stuck in stressful or demotivated circumstances is bad for neurological health.
    • Repetitive behavioral and relationship patterns prevent the nervous system from creating new neural pathways. We then end up losing our cognitive agility.

Temperance: it is not starting from zero, but starting over from the experience

The person who acts with temperance manages their fears well. This does not mean that she does not feel them, because starting from scratch creates a certain insecurity, even anguish. However, we have to use that psychological force that is serenity, because in reality the starting line is not zero, we start from experience.

What does that mean ? This implies, for example, that you know very well what you are ready to achieve and what you will no longer tolerate. You know what your limits are, your heart knows what it has left behind and what it expects to have in front of it: balance, freedom, self-realization, calm and happiness.

So, stop being afraid, because you will not stumble on the same stone again. You will pave the way for better spreading your wings.

Starting from scratch requires self-confidence.

Self-confidence: I know what I want, I know what I deserve and I will get it

We are eternal tightrope walkers in search of a balance in life. We must then understand that if we stand still, we are most likely going to collapse.

We have to move forward with one foot in front of the other and our gaze straight ahead. We have to move because our own existence is a movement and we are part of this rhythm, of this eternal flow.

Starting from scratch takes courage. But it’s also possible for those who know what they want and get started. We do this by combining self-confidence, remembering our potential, those forces that have always helped us.

It is also about strengthening self-esteem, motivation and that determination that whispers to us every moment that the past does not determine the future. Because we are the ones who create the future. And we create it by leaving these comfort zones where nothing evolves.

If there is no encouragement, if there is no love, if what surrounds us does not stimulate the mind or make the heart pump, we must seek other directions. . A direction where we love this new version of ourselves, the one that is ready to give the best and build new happiness. Let’s think about it.

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