The Calm In The Middle Of The Storm

Amidst the noise, calm. In the midst of the fear and the whirlwind that accompany uncertainty and panic, calm. Only a centered and relaxed mental approach can allow us to use our psychological resources. So it’s time to wake up and use them.
The calm in the midst of the storm

It is not easy to live in a storm. It is also not easy to keep balance and calm when adversity comes. How do we stay centered when the storm wind swirls through our hair and whispers fear-laden words in our ears that taste like uncertainty?

We are designed to anticipate but also to react emotionally and cognitively suddenly when danger arises. However, in such situations, in the midst of the storm, your best bet is still to stay calm.

The word “fear” goes far beyond the discomfort of the moment. In itself, it includes a whole spectrum of behaviors. From the most irrational to the more controlled reactions. It is possible to come to terms with your fear. For that, it is necessary to confront it thanks to proactive behaviors in order to bring a solution to this problem.

Psychiatrist Karl Augustus Menninger believed that fears could be tamed. This then allows us to make the best decisions. This is easy to say, but achieving it is much less so. It is perhaps one of the most complex and traumatic actions for humans.

Indeed, when disorder knocks on the door and takes away our serenity, the spirit is unleashed. Worse yet, it infects others to the point of making fear an enemy of extraordinary strength.

However, it is under these circumstances, when the storm is unleashed, that calm must prevail. This aspect can also be learned. After all, fear itself, but also anxiety and irrational behavior are all dragons that we can learn to control.

A calm woman.

In the midst of the storm, we must take a mental approach based on calm

There are people who sometimes get sick from “bad news” seen on television, listened to on the radio or read on social media. Part of the reason is that certain disturbing information, negative and annoying messages can sometimes cloud our state of mind.

In addition, bad news always comes before good news. We do this without even applying the precautionary filter, often without even assessing whether these facts are true or not.

Obviously, information is power and it is certain that we have the right to know what is happening around us and to know the reality of the moment. But there are times when we overinterpret the facts.

It often becomes overwhelming and sometimes a feeling awakens in us. That of impotence. Not knowing what might happen tomorrow is probably what scares us and limits us the most.

We are creatures used to being in control of our immediate reality (or at least thinking that it is). To suddenly experience that we are in the middle of the storm, that what we took for granted yesterday is in fact uncertain, hurts and disturbs us.

What can we do in these cases?

Calmness is an attitude that characterizes those who accept that they cannot control everything in the storm

In a climate of uncertainty, anxiety increases. In addition, there is another factor: the environment. The information that reaches us, the people around us who convey their emotions and fears to us… Nothing reinforces anxiety as much as not knowing.

For example, it is much worse not to know if you are going to lose your job than to know that you have lost it. The brain then behaves differently. It is therefore essential that we learn to accept uncertainty.

Even though we may not have control over some things, we must remember that we do have control over how we choose to react to them. This is the key.

  • Acting calmly is the best attitude. It is the most judicious, the most reasonable and the most suitable way to respond in these types of situations. It also allows us to give the best of ourselves.
Butterflies in a mind.

Cleanse your mind by eliminating catastrophic thoughts

When you are in a storm, catastrophic thoughts are undesirable, quite the contrary. When we face difficulties, that we have doubts or problems, our mind must be at our side and not a hindrance that hinders us at every step.

Therefore, it is essential that we can “cleanse” it of the thoughts that hamper it and feed fear. Indeed, such thoughts only add difficulty to our real problems instead of helping us find a solution.

Let us be aware of this phenomenon and try to eliminate this type of internal dialogue that is so damaging to us. Rather, calm should be that beacon that guides us through darkness and storm.

In the midst of the storm… who do you choose to be?

Answering this question can help us through difficult times. Do we decide to be a hero or a victim? Which of these roles is most useful in this kind of situation? Do I prefer to be proud of myself or do I decide to choose stillness and panic?

You choose. You decide which path to take and what mark you leave in this world where we have to give our best.

In crisis situations, calm is an ally capable of showing us the path to success in a calm manner. Hand in hand with him, we see things more clearly. It allows us to know how to react, how to be proactive and responsible.

It is therefore time to call for calm. In a world of constant change and uncertainty, we must count on him to act with serenity, intelligence and aplomb.

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