The Anguish Of The Hysterical Ball

You have never heard of a “hysterical lump”, yet have at least once in your life had a lump in your throat.
The anguish of the hysterical ball

You feel pressure in your throat. You feel like something got stuck there. On the other hand, you also have trouble swallowing. E t the more you try to do – to check that all is well – the more your throat tightens. You try to calm down. But nothing to do; the sensation persists. Eventually you get more and more nervous. You may even come to shed a few tears. No doubts: we are facing a case of a hysterical ball.

Symptoms of anxiety include a hysterical lump, also known as a knot in the throat. This can give rise to the constant feeling that the throat is going to close. And that it will then no longer be possible to breathe. Even if it seems real, such a phenomenon cannot happen.

One of the main symptoms of anxiety is hysterical lump. Most people who have it experience this feeling of suffocation. However, we must take into account that this is just a feeling. Concrete suffocation will never take place. Certainly, people who experience the hysterical ball find it difficult to swallow. However, they will be able to drink a glass of water without any difficulty.

The hysterical ball “gets worse” if we believe his lie. That consisting of thinking that we will no longer be able to breathe. In these cases, the feeling of suffocation may intensify and the person may begin to act desperately. This does not mean, however, that being aware of the hysterical ball allows it to disappear quickly.

Even if we have experienced this sensation more than once and we know that nothing serious is going to happen to us in such a case, the hysterical ball will manage to draw tears to us after having plunged us, for ten or fifteen minutes. , in a despair from which nothing seems to be able to get us out. If this happens to you often, we recommend that you seek professional help. Because it can be a sign that there is something in your life that is causing us this anxiety, and that you do not know what to do about it.

man having a hysterical ball

Although it is not possible to get a more precise idea of ​​how the hysterical ball manifests itself and how a person who suffers from anxiety can experience it, there are, however, certain characteristics that it is necessary to do. to say :

  • The hysterical ball appears when we are calm: it does not appear in times of greatest tension or heightened anxiety, but when calm reigns. This is due to the accumulation of things that make us not feel well. The problem is that you are then not able to identify the problem.
  • It prevents us from speaking easily: even if no concrete suffocation will take place, the feeling of suffocation will arise from a tension which centers on our throat. Usually, because of this tension, it is difficult for us to speak, and we do it as if we have a sore throat.
hysterical ball

If you’ve ever suffered from hysterical lump, you’ve probably ended up in the emergency room sometimes.  There, the results of the tests carried out by the doctors said that nothing was blocking your throat. Therefore, in many cases, you are given a lozenge and asked to go home. However, none of this can be a solution to this problem.

Ignoring the symptoms of anxiety can have serious consequences, including failing to identify what is really causing it. Anxiety is nothing more than a warning that shouts at us “Stop! Something is wrong and you don’t realize it ”. However, it is not the ignorant that we can hope to see it dissipate. On the contrary, it will try to alert us to a problem that must be solved in many other ways.

The hysterical ball may be the first warning that anxiety is trying to show us that something is wrong. If we don’t pay attention to it, then it could well go through depersonalization, somatization of emotions, chest tightness or facial palsy (Bell’s palsy), among others.

The best thing to do in such a case is to consult a professional to resolve the issue that is generating all of this anxiety. Because the latter can appear at any time. It does not warn or give alarm signals that could allow us to prepare for its arrival. It does this in order to lead us to realize that what is happening requires our immediate attention.


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