Ten Strategies To Make Your Children Independent

Ten strategies to make your children independent

Sooner or later, children will leave their parents’ homes to start their own lives. It is normal for parents to dread this prospect. The world is filled with dangers and temptations, and when children leave home they lose all control.

Parents have the responsibility to educate their children in order to successfully face their independent life. For this, it is essential to help them develop certain capacities that will allow them to face new challenges with confidence.

Life skills that an adolescent should acquire and develop

To help children become independent, parents need to encourage the good habits and skills necessary for independent living.

# 1: Ability to cope with loneliness

Loneliness is not the same as being alone. A teenager must learn to recognize the state of loneliness as a concrete temporary sensation and learn to use and channel it. It is important to learn to feel good about yourself. It is a healthy attitude where he discovers the pleasure of appreciating time alone through an activity such as reading, walking, listening to music, creating, etc …

# 2: Ability to set goals

A teenager must set his own goals to achieve what he wants. Parents need to help their children find out what their child wants so that the child can set a goal that motivates them in their effort.

But setting a goal doesn’t necessarily mean setting big challenges. To foster this ability, it is quite possible to start with a very simple academic or athletic goal. The most important thing is to learn the ability to set that goal or challenge and act on it.

In this sense, parents can help their children clarify their goals and define the actions necessary to achieve them, in addition to providing them with the necessary tools.

# 3: Ability to manage stress and time

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young people just entering their teens to start feeling stressed.  Either way, it is necessary to teach them to manage it, to channel their energies, to release tensions and to organize themselves to manage time efficiently and productively.

# 4: Ability to find and keep a job

Encourage them to seek paid work during the holidays. Dedicating a few hours a week when they are of working age will provide them with a very rewarding experience for their future adult life and teach them the value of money and the effort it takes to earn it.

# 5: Abilities to manage and save money

When teens have everything they want, it is common not to value the price of things paid for to satisfy their wants. They must be aware of the basic needs that must be met. A teenager should be aware of the implications of independent living, the expenses that must be faced and the importance of saving, managing money and planning expenses. This will avoid a lot of future problems of overspending and excessive borrowing.

# 6: Abilities to buy food and prepare it

Good eating habits are fundamental to good health.  As long as young people live at home this is the responsibility of their parents. But knowing how to buy the food and how to prepare it is another thing. In order for them to learn, it is important to make them aware by asking them from time to time to take responsibility by instructing them to organize and prepare meals.

# 7: Abilities to be tidy and clean

It is important that they learn to keep their bedrooms tidy. But it is also important that they learn to keep the house tidy and clean and that they value and appreciate a tidy environment.

# 8: Ability to move and move

Young people who live in big cities are more used to getting around by metro or bus, but those who live in smaller cities or who always move around with their parents may feel some fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. This can limit them in their aspirations and create stressful situations later on. Hence the importance of giving them the opportunity to move and help them not to be afraid to know new environments and take advantage of new opportunities.

# 9: interpersonal skills

It is fundamental to learn to interact with others in general, and not just with those around you. For this, we must promote the opening of adolescents to other people, other situations and environments.

# 10: Ability to face urgent situations

It is very important that parents teach their children  how to act in an emergency  to prevent them from panicking and acting inappropriately. To maintain control and act appropriately, it is necessary to talk to them about it first.


In order for parents to take responsibility for helping their children develop these skills, they must be aware that the most important thing is to lead by example. A child cannot be asked to do something that he cannot see in his house.

And, in the event that parents feel unprepared for certain abilities, it’s never too late to do well. L en el caso de que los padres se sientan poco preparados en alguna de las habilidades, nunca es tarde para trabajarlas. Self-improvement is also a great example for children.

Perhaps it is not necessary to develop all the capacities, but the more prepared they are, the more confidence and confidence they will have to face their life with determination and to achieve their goals.

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