Tell Me How You Act And I Will Tell You What You Went Through

Tell me how you act and I'll tell you what you been through

We are all different from each other. You carry your story within you, others carry theirs, and whether we know it or not, we have the impression that ours is much more real than that of others.

Precisely, without realizing it, we magnify what we have experienced and we minimize what we have not experienced.

Growing up, I understood that we are what we have been through, and we act on that.

We do not really realize the value of things and facts until we are aware of what they mean.

You will be able to say that you know me when you understand what I carry in me

Very often, we dare to have an opinion on others without even knowing them.

In other words, we speak, we have an opinion, we judge, because it is about others and about things that we have not lived, or a situation which does not concern us directly.


For all these reasons, we can only truly know someone if that someone bares himself in front of us and acts in accordance with his core essence.

The way he behaves, speaks or knows how to be in different situations is the best way for him to teach us who he is.


“You are the result of yourself, never make anyone feel guilty, never complain about anything or anyone because you basically did what you want with your life.”

-Pablo Neruda-


What is certain is that even when we do nothing, something still happens to us.

Life is coming, period, and even if you don’t follow it, it drags you in spite of you.

We cannot stop experiencing things, just as we cannot decide that nothing is happening to us.

What we can do, on the other hand, is to represent, through our actions, the lessons we learn: take action and let others know you.

The way we act makes us different because we live and feel differently

Fortunately or unfortunately, we remember moments and situations that mark us forever, and it is certainly these moments and situations that transform us when we manage to get out of them.

These are small things that mark an important point in our history, which allow us to evolve, and which henceforth represent individual paths of learning.


“It doesn’t matter what you say or how you justify yourself: you are what you do. Your behaviors speak for you, denounce you, signal you. ”

-Walter Riso-


Often, these learning paths depend on the will that we manage to put into our life, but also on the consequences of our actions, luck and courage, the external help that we can receive, etc. .

However, this is who we are, and we behave according to who we are.


This inherent trait is reflected very well in the fact that you are what you do and what you think, and if your actions and thoughts are not compatible then you are not credible.

Obviously not, because we cannot get rid of everything that we carry within us, of all the things that make us a different person.

Our emotions make us unique, as does the root from which they emanate.

Caution is a great friend

The emotions we talk about are some of the finer nuances we have, because if we want to connect with someone and understand them, the best tool is caution.

Caution towards others is so necessary that you act by putting yourself in their shoes, changing your point of view.

We never know what we will be able to find behind the others because most of the time we stay in the superficiality of their behavior, without wanting to realize that there are more things that we do not see and to which we should to trust.

If we go further, if we look at others from other points of view, we could then discover great people that we would not have thought to meet at first.

This is the beautiful thing about meeting each other without trying to find each other: to know each other, to let each other be seen and to understand each other. Knowing everything that we have experienced separately unites us.


“If you were born with two eyes, two ears and one tongue, it is because you have to listen and look twice before speaking.”


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