Taking Care Of Yourself Is The First Thing To Do Because No One Else Will Do It For Us

Taking care of yourself is the first thing to do because no one else will do it for us

Obviously we like to bond with others. We also like that they love us, that they take care of us and that they share some of their time with us.

However, it would be beneficial to also understand that this is not a necessity in itself: what is essential is to take care of yourself, to love yourself and to know how to be happy for yourself.

No one is really essential for us to be happy, or for us to feel fulfilled, even if most of the time we think otherwise.

So, what others give us are voluntary things, which are even more enriching if we do not expect them: those who want to stay, will stay and will take care of us without our even asking for it.

Existence does not admit representatives

We are unique and individual because we have different emotions, we have not all had the same experiences and our ways of interpreting life are not the same.

For this reason, what we are and what we feel can only be regulated by ourselves: if we want someone to take care of us, for example, we must first learn to take care of ourselves. -same.

According to Bucay, no one can grow up for us, and he was right: no one will ever be able to put themselves in our shoes, even if that person loves us with all their might. The greatest expectations and the greatest challenges must have only one direction: inward.

So we have before us a lot of opportunities that we can take advantage of and we have a lot of decisions to make.

Self-care means being aware of what can happen to us at any time and making sure that maintaining balance is up to us.

heart in two hands

Even when we lose our balance and face adversities, many people will be on our side.

However, we should not rely on this, because the number of people who will stay will not always be the same as we would have thought: some people will be absent.

Thus, we cannot calculate the strength that the people who accompany us will be able to give us. However, we can estimate ours.

Sometimes, for example, we have to part with someone and we think that we will not get up: we fail to conceive of the fact that we have to take care of ourselves first and then of others, it is what is called addiction.

However, this is only a mirage: we will rise again.

Self-esteem is essential in these cases: believing in yourself is the first thing to do to overcome any pain or to make the most of life’s little pleasures.

In addition, valuing and loving ourselves as we are is essential for others to do so in return.

woman hugging

The people you love make your life more beautiful, but you are the one living your life

When we take care of ourselves and love ourselves, it would seem that others love us and take care of us. We then have the feeling that everything is easier.

What is certain is that the people we love make our life more beautiful. However, in the end, we are alone: ​​alone to direct our life in the direction of our choice.

Love, friendship and family bring us that warmth that we sometimes miss and that supports us in all circumstances. However, if there is no heat inside, it will still be cold.

It is essential to understand that the time we allow ourselves is our own, just as the way we use it is exclusive and individual.

For all of these reasons we have titled this article this way, because if I don’t take care of myself, no one else will.

I have an obligation to cultivate my personal “me” and make it grow, to achieve my dreams, to overcome setbacks, to seek what makes me happy and to make the decision to share that with people who respect this. principle.

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