Sunday Night Angst

To what is this feeling of anguish inherent in Sunday evening due?
Sunday night angst

Sunday night anxiety is a phenomenon widespread enough to devote an article to it. It is an internal discomfort that normally takes place on Sunday afternoon, as well as in the evening. Those who experience it feel worry, sadness, longing and, at times, a very awkward feeling of emptiness. And they don’t know why.

Sunday evening marks the transition from the week that ends to the week that begins. This means that we will regain our daily obligations. It also signals  the finalization of the rest and the beginning of a new cycle in which we will take back our responsibilities  and deal with all the outstanding things that we need to do.

For some people, Sunday night anxiety is so strong that it triggers sleeplessness. Between Sunday and Monday, these people find it difficult to fall asleep and this only increases their anxiety. It is also possible to see migraines, indigestion or physical feelings of discomfort. So why do these things happen and how do you deal with them?

Origins of Sunday night anxiety

Sunday night anxiety is also known as Sunday syndrome. We know that it takes place in people of all countries, all ages and all walks of life. This problem was first detected in 2006 by North American psychologist Larina Kase. She did a lot of research on this at the Anxiety Study and Treatment Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kase’s studies, like others that have been done on this topic, report that  the main cause of Sunday night anxiety is some degree of job dissatisfaction. Those who encounter this problem have unresolved difficulties in their workplace or in their professional life.

Some people just don’t like their job. They don’t like what they do and therefore perceive the start of the week as torture. Others experience Sunday night anxiety because of the stresses they encounter in their work environment. They have not been able to get along with their colleagues or their bosses. At the start of the week, the tension resurfaces.

woman living the anguish of sunday night

Other common causes

We also find the case of people who doubt their capacity for work. They are never sure they can get their tasks done on time and don’t think they can do them right. Starting a new week means feeling that feeling of insecurity and / or incompetence again.

The discomfort also takes place in those who do not have a job. For these people, the start of the week represents another chapter in this uncertain struggle to find a new job. This uncertainty, not knowing whether they will land a job, is precisely what triggers Sunday night anxiety. After the weekend break, they have to face harsh reality again.

Finally, we find those who fail to get enough rest. These are people who are in full professional overload. Sometimes they have to devote their time off to strenuous activities, a second job, studying or at home. For them, ending the weekend without resting is frustrating. On Sunday evening, they can feel the weight of this lifestyle.

How to solve these upsurges of anxiety

Finally, on Sunday evening, we face our reality in a much more raw way. Loneliness, frustrations and expectations parade before our eyes. This is why, very often, without even looking for it, we end up doing an introspection (or running away from it).

woman who reads to forget the anxiety of Sunday evening

Following these recommendations  can help us better manage Sunday night anxiety:

  • Organize everything that will take place on Monday, starting on Friday evening. This will make the weekend transition easier and Sunday will not be just for thoughts about Monday.
  • Make the most of Sunday.  Above all, we must not remain inactive. Sunday has to be the perfect day to do what we love the most.
  • Choose a relaxing activity at the end of the day. A good book or a good movie helps us deal with anxiety better.

In any case,  we must not forget that the solution is not to avoid introspection when we have problems but to carry it out thoroughly. Sometimes we need professional help to digest and process these troublesome emotions. Other times it’s just a matter of tightening a few bolts or making one-off decisions.


Why does Sunday cause us so much anxiety?
Our thoughts Our thoughts

Sunday is always a special day that cuts us off from our hectic routine. But why does it worry us so much?

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