Stop Paying Attention To Your Inner Little Devil

Stop paying attention to your inner little devil

Sometimes a very negative and critical character sets up in our minds who tell us everything to do or not to do, and who also dictate how we should behave. This inner little devil keeps repeating the same things to us, puts pressure on us, and undermines our self-esteem. Then, at the end of the day, even if it bothers us, we end up succumbing to his words and considering the messages he sends us.

Paying attention to one or the other voice is up to us, and the one we choose to guide us on a daily basis. In fact, both are products of our mind, which we have created from scratch. Thus, since it is purely the fruit of our imagination, we are the masters of these two little voices: this is rather positive, since it allows us to have the margin to choose which one we prefer to listen to. , and this without anything or anyone being able to get involved.

Choose your thoughts regardless of the situation you find yourself in; one can take the path of negativity, catastrophism or fear, or rather choose to take the path of joy, calm and positivity.

You will recognize the little devil when, in a very particular situation, he begins to whisper phrases to you in the form of questions which will all contain fear : “What if my wife / husband had a car accident because of me? ”, Or exaggerated words and phrases like“ I am unbearable ”,“ I am terrible ”,“ I am extremely unlucky ”,“ I am useless ”, etc.

The language of the little devil is so negative that if you believe in what he says, you will start to feel sad, anxious, irritable … Your emotions will cease to be functional: they will no longer allow you to solve the problem you are facing. you face it, but only to sink even deeper, and let the little devil gain confidence and keep talking.

“But why does he like to bother me so much?” You might ask yourself. However, you are mistaken, because he does not seek in any case to annoy you; basically, this little devil wants to protect you, but does not put the forms, does not choose the right moment, and finds himself out of phase. His reactions are disproportionate and do not arrive on time.

In many circumstances of your life, luckily this little devil will have been there to save you; what would we have done without him when, in prehistoric times, ferocious animals chased us to kill us? In those moments, the little devil had to sound the alarm, help us find this stress so necessary to continue living.

The little devil has also ended up adapting to what we humans have invented, and he tells us that every day. Thus, it generates in us a good dose of suffering: sadness, pressure, hatred … emotions that should not present themselves with such intensity at many times.

To get to the point where we feel negative but healthy, tonic emotions that help us solve our problems, we have to start ignoring that little voice that is easy to criticize.

  • Observe without judging what the little devil may say to you: even if you don’t approve of what that little voice is telling you, don’t try to tell him to go away. Let him be and exist, and the little devil will eventually go away on his own, when he realizes that you ignore his words and give them no importance.
  • Laugh and Joke With Him: If you think so, it’s easy to end up joking with him, since he’s so over the top and unrealistic that you can even laugh at the enormities he ends up saying. Turn all of these thoughts to absurdity and you will have treated yourself to a laughter therapy session.
  • Have a goal and keep following it no matter what the little devil thinks: “You can’t do it”, “You’re not cut out for this job”, “Everyone will laugh at you ”,“ You will never find someone like him / her ”,“ You are not attractive, no one will hire you ”, etc; here are some of the pearls the little devil can throw at you, leading you to abandon your goals. Now, you must not allow this!
  • Ask him questions: Since his words are not based on the truth, it is easy to take apart everything he says. You only have to ask him questions in order to find the veracity of all his arguments and you will see that his arguments are false, based on subjective beliefs but never on the five senses, the present moment or the reality. .

Fortunately, just as we can strengthen the little devil, we can also educate him to ensure that his messages have a depth that is in sync with the real demands of those around us. Achieving this goal means that if a ferocious animal appears, then the little devil will be there to activate us, stimulate us, and ensure our survival. On the other hand, if there are no ferocious animals on the horizon, then we can stay calm and quiet.

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