Say Goodbye To Your Worries And Embrace “Carefree Life “!

When you are preoccupied in the morning, you are unable to enjoy the present moment. In other words, worries paralyze the present, and they immobilize the present moment.

How often do you not find sleep because you are thinking about something? This loss of energy in ironing an infinite number of possibilities causes physical and mental exhaustion which will generate in you the opposite effect of what you wanted.

Indeed, when it comes to dealing with the situation, you will be exhausted and your ability to make decisions will surely be diminished.

Some people fall into an endless circle of worries, creating imaginary monsters, and imagining a thousand and one fatalities that could happen to them in a more or less short period of time.

Unfortunately, these people do not live in the moment because they are too preoccupied with finding a solution to their problems, which in 90% of cases will not happen.

Disinterest should not be confused with laziness and irresponsibility, because the person who is not worried will face the worry or problem when the time comes, while the lazy and irresponsible will avoid it.

So, I strongly encourage you not to focus on your problems. Adopt the “carefree life”, in other words, the carefree life:

Step on the brake pedal

When your little head prepares for a marathon of 50 imaginary problems, brake, and breathe.

If you live dizzy day in and day out, your thoughts will go at 100km / hour, and this speed will cause your mind to go way beyond rationality, sometimes even turning you into futurists.

You will find yourself making predictions as fateful and unlikely as your level of concern.

Be rational. Work on your reflective analysis!

When faced with an excessively recurring worry, try to caricature it. It doesn’t mean laughing at it or running away from it, but rather pushing it to another extreme, which is visualizing the worst that could happen to you.

You will then see that it was not that bad. As you think about it, you will understand that the possibilities of all of this happening are insignificant.

Some things are beyond our control, such as life, death, natural disasters or accidents. There is no point in worrying yourself.

If you learn to live without worries, you will be much more prepared for these kinds of situations. Your mind will therefore not be invaded with anticipations and you can then fully take care of the situation in question, when the time comes.


No matter how anxious you are, your other half’s worries are his / her worries. Be emphatic and try to help as much as you can, but learn not to make others’ dilemmas your own.

Do not torment yourself with problems that are not your concern, for you have had enough of them yourself.

No more “what if…”

The “what if…” are these imaginary friends who have the annoying tendency to interrupt your thoughts, causing a thousand and one doubts. What if… I didn’t make the right decision? What if … tomorrow I was laid off?

Instead of helping you, the “what ifs” cause unnecessary stress. If your decision is not correct, then you will have learned how to do it for the next time.

If tomorrow you are fired… well, don’t worry because you can become a diviner with all your “what ifs”!

In about 90% of cases, people thinking with “what if…” are wrong. Now you can calculate how much time you waste daily making these kinds of predictions and start to occupy it in a more rewarding way.

Focus on the present moment

Surrounded by so many concerns, you do not consider the present moment. You live in a fictional future that prevents you from enjoying that coffee with friends, that book you longed to read, that conversation, or just the wonderful feeling it feels when you relax and we don’t think about anything.

Learn to relax. Take to the streets, breathe, observe, listen, savor and feel this moment. With all your senses. Time flies and the past moments will not return.

So send your “what ifs” for a walk because today you have much more beautiful things to accomplish.

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