People Who Struggle On A Daily Basis Have Marks Of Wisdom On Their Backs

People who struggle on a daily basis have marks of wisdom on their backs

People who struggle on a daily basis have marks of wisdom on their backs, even though it has arisen from situations that no one would like to go through. People who struggle day in and day out do not normally shine with “sprints” that leave us dumbfounded and lead to big ovations. In the majority of cases, they rely on their desire and ability to fight, but certain circumstances can make the road to winning something difficult and long.

They are the invisible nets that support people and prevent them from jumping into the void, because they have developed the ability to avoid and absorb blows. Sometimes these people had to get up without anyone reaching out to them and felt the pain suddenly and sharply. They don’t want someone around them to experience the same thing.

People who struggle on a daily basis appear invisible and live in a grayish world, but in reality they create rainbows around them from the shadows. They carry out actions that will not be recognized very much, but can truly benefit from the effects that they cause.

The people who struggle on a daily basis, these invisible heroes

To contemplate the successes of great geniuses fills us with joy, but it is nothing compared to the happiness offered by the continued and firm support of so many anonymous heroes. Our grandparents, those who put our satchel on our back for the first day of school, as if they caught our fear at the same time. These mothers able to bring the whole family together around a perfect table, although the relationships between the members are not. Capable of bringing together what seemed destroyed and of sharing the weight of negative emotions when they undermine our strength.

“The weak don’t fight. The strongest fight maybe an hour. Those who are even stronger struggle for a few years. But the strongest of all struggle all their lives: these are indispensable. “

-Bertolt Brecht-

It is these recognized professionals to whom the counselor in elementary school did not augur a good future because of their low intelligence. People who are able to reopen their hearts after they’ve been broken a thousand times. It is these opponents, sitting with coffee for only company, each time more marked by fatigue and uncertainty after years of study without any type of economic remuneration.


It is these chronically ill people who struggle every day to maintain a health that allows them to live with dignity. People suffering from depression, anxiety, who have a history of mistreatment and abuse and who dress and put on shoes every day to compose their lives once again, on a new day, with a new opportunity to ” accumulate oblivion and gain strength.

These times of struggle, these times of meaning

If we don’t fight for what we want, what is the meaning of life? Traditionally, it is given the name of “struggle”, while others call it “dedication”. Place your soul and long term strength in what has been able to uplift your spirit just by thinking about it. Play with your guts even though you know the game will be long and along the way you will have to negotiate the possibilities and the odds.

And, even bigger than fighting for what you want, without even seeing the finish line clearly, is struggling and getting to know yourself on the way. The biggest failures sometimes lie in reaching goals having lost all sense of the greatness of what you are pursuing,  in not knowing how to roll down your window to feel and see what is happening while you are. rolling.

The moments that make sense are the ones that inspire you to continue to place your time, soul, and hopes on the one thing that makes you visualize the life you want to live. With each step you take, you will have learned so much that you will know that circumstances can change and the fate to follow can be broken. During these times, you will know that losing fear by taking risks has been your greatest triumph.

“You can only be cured of suffering if you experience it fully. “

-Marcel Proust-

It is for all of these reasons that it is good to be an anonymous wrestler. Do not bet so much on the spectacular but make your course something spectacular in itself. Being able to do this by being firm with what you want for yourself, because  when you get into the right race, the prize is never at the finish line: the victories, on the contrary, multiply at each step.

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