Not Loving Yourself: What Are The Consequences?

Not loving yourself: what are the consequences?

How many times have you heard that you have to love yourself? If you love yourself, you will be able to love others. What do you think ?

So, if loving yourself is so good, why choose the opposite? Who would choose not to love each other? In this article, we give you the answer to all these questions.

I choose not to love myself

Maybe you’ve never experienced it, but often, when faced with a negative situation that marks us, we tend to act in the opposite way to how we should be.

Why are we doing this? Why do we rejoice in what hurts us?



Simply, because it’s a “masochistic” way of facing what has hurt us, of having control, for a while, over something that we have never controlled.

In the event that one chooses not to love oneself, perhaps it is easier to accept that others are not thinking of you. Others are important, you aren’t. Do you know what this generates?

1. You find excuses

You have a thousand and one excuses to believe that others should not like you : you don’t deserve it, you are not important, you are the problem all the time, etc.

These excuses keep you from loving yourself, and keep others from loving you. It also puts you in a state of permanent unhappiness.

2. You avoid risks

First of all, we might think that avoiding risks is something positive, but quite the contrary! Avoiding the risk of having ties of friendship or love so as not to have to experience rejection and pain is a bad thing!

3. You don’t move forward

Get out of that comfort zone! You feel sure of yourself but you do not move forward! We are destined to move forward, towards something more, progress. If we don’t, our life will be meaningless.

4. You are a martyr

In addition to not liking yourself, you adore that people feel sorry for you. Do you really feel good in this martyr role?

Behind all this pain that you are trying to get out of there is a lot of frustration and fear.

Instead of taking refuge in the sad words of others and feeding on them, change! There are other ways of looking at life, don’t get locked into the same song. You have to move on.

5. You have pity for yourself

In addition to choosing not to love yourself, you pity yourself. This serves as a way out for you, but until when can you continue like this? Change, being different scares you. 



You have to start facing your fears in another way. Try not to hide! Don’t look for an outlet valve, turn around and face what you’re running from. It’s time.

6. You complain and protest

You become a person who complains and protests about anything and everything. But it is curious! Because you do nothing to solve these situations that irritate you and that you complain about. What are you waiting for to act?

7. You try to be a good kid

You go back in time, with the goal of becoming a good kid, who the adults wanted you to be. Perfection does not exist.

We make mistakes all the time, and wanting to be perfect is useless. Instead of growing up, you will become more and more childish. 

8. You can’t seem to live your life

How do you cope with not being worthy to be happy, and not being able to lead the reins of your own life?

You don’t know how to live your life, or how to take charge of it. What are you waiting for? Start living your life now.

9. You think other people are better than you

As we mentioned before, you will always think that other people are more important than you. What about your own life? Aren’t you curious what she might be like?

If after reading this article you realized that you don’t like yourself, find a solution! There is no benefit to it, only frustration, sadness and great unhappiness.

Your life is yours. Live it and make the most of it because you only have one. So what is your choice?


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