Not Everything That Starts In Our Life Comes Back And Everything That Comes In Doesn’t Always Stay

Not everything that starts in our life comes back and everything that comes in doesn't always stay

I learned that in this life nothing is permanent. We are all brief passengers in a world, which often takes away what we love most.

I also learned to go and let go, not to hold on to what hurts and to make real love my priority.

We have all already learned that sometimes life hurts.

It is painful because it forces us to experience changes that we did not expect, to break links, to lose some people, to know sadness in all its aspects and also to understand that sometimes being strong implies knowing its weaknesses. .

Genuine love is love that endures and enriches us.

It is about this sincere tenderness between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, and why not the love that we feel for someone who, even if it is not our half, has his place. in our memory and represents a pleasant memory.

Positive emotions are those that build us from within and give us strength and refuge. To love is to live, to grow and to learn.

However, the wheel of life never stops and it is possible that whoever leaves will never come back, and whoever enters your life will not stay forever.

It is necessary to learn to overcome the losses in each of its expressions.

The people we have loved remain forever

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Throughout our life, we should set ourselves the unique goal of always moving forward without resentment, hatred and frustration and to focus only on positive emotions: good memories, lived experiences, hopes, humility and love in every form. 

Any loss involves living and facing grief. It could be that you have lost a loved one or that your relationship has ended.

No matter where it comes from, at the end of this inner healing process, it is important to always stay in positive emotions.

Love, the key to inner healing

Let’s take an example: someone comes into our life by chance, changes our life, and makes us discover the authenticity of love, passion and complicity.

However, this love does not stay and for several reasons the relationship ends.

  • The most common after a breakup is to feel hate first, then sadness and grief. Sometimes this whirlwind of feelings can even lead to some frustration.
  • Any negative emotion will generate very profound changes in our character and our personal balance.
    It will make us lose confidence in ourselves and make us uncertain. It is possible that we even tell ourselves that it is better not to fall in love so as not to suffer.

However, if you close the doors of your heart to something that did not last, you are somehow refusing to live. Resentment makes us slaves to the past and prevents us from moving forward in the present.

The key to everything lies in knowing how to face the loss, to accept it and to keep in memory all that we have lived : the love felt, the good times …

Remember this chapter in your life and allow your wounds to heal so that you can be happy again.

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What we lose stays in our heart

During our pain process, it is necessary to keep the good times and to make love lived a warm wind that envelops us in times of cold and sorrow.

Now  it is important to understand that whatever we have lost physically will always reside in our hearts.

It is not easy to accept a loss, and to accept that this person who was near us is gone forever and that the one who came back now wants to go again.

Life is also about facing goodbyes, and unfortunately, not all of them can be done on a station platform by hugging each other one last time.

  • It is essential to understand that things are not permanent and to value the present moment with the greatest possible fullness.
  • The one who is no longer by your side has given you a wonderful gift by offering you his company, his tenderness, his few steps taken together and all these shared moments.
    All of this is a legacy to keep in your memory and your heart with a beautiful smile.

Your heart and memory have an unimaginable limit in which to hold on to all that love that you have experienced and all the affection that you have felt.

It is the treasure of life, the one we must cultivate every day, and the one that will accompany us when the person we love most is no longer by our side.

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Images courtesy of Anna Dittman and Frank Ezh.

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