My Wound Does Not Heal Because It Is Made Of Suspension Points

My wound won't close because it's made of suspension points

To be healed, some wounds need a few stitches, and some don’t. In contrast, absolutely all injuries require attention and time to resolve.

Sometimes a little scar may remain, and other times everything fades and nothing is visible.

A soul wound is similar to a body wound, except that it is not visible.

However, we feel it from the depths of our being, it makes us suffer, and only time and the will to get out of it can lead us to healing.

However, soul injury, like physical injury, can leave scars that will then remind us for the rest of our lives of what happened to us and what we may have felt at that time. .


“I even remember what I don’t like. I can’t forget what I love. ”


How to learn to forget about negative things

We have all been through things that are difficult to forget, that make us suffer. It could be a complicated childhood, a breakup, the death of a loved one, a situation at work that bothered us …

All of these situations that could have hurt or negatively affected us can be multiple, but only we can manage and control the impact of these experiences on us.


The first step in forgetting is acceptance.

There is no point in completely banishing the memory, since the memory is something human and uncontrollable, but we must nevertheless make an effort to accept our memories, put them in a corner of our head and with live with peacefully.

It is not a question of completely forgetting, but of making sure that this suffering does not invade us every time this painful memory comes into our mind.


“Even if we forget to forget, surely the memory forgets us.”

-Mario Benedetti-


Once we accept, we can forgive. It is not a question of forgiving others, but of forgiving ourselves, and this without feeling guilty.

We cannot change the past, but the future, on the other hand, has to be built from scratch; it is up to us to live our future differently from our past, without being conditioned by certain negative memories.

If we learn to identify all these things that have hurt us in our past, then we will be able to understand that in some cases, we have to assume our responsibility.

This does not mean so much that we have to feel guilty, but rather that it is about learning to take an objective look at what is happening in order to be able to learn from it.

Take control of your life

Wounds to the soul are sometimes more painful than wounds to the body and last much longer.

However, there comes a time when we have to dare and have the courage to take control of our life and be ourselves, controlling and managing our emotions.

Taking control of your life is an act that requires courage and honesty.

This means that we have to be realistic, and see that if something in our life goes wrong or does not correspond to what we want, we do not depend on anything, on anyone but ourselves.

What happens every day in your life will depend on your attitude, what you do or stop doing, your smile, your joy, your willingness to surpass yourself.


“To remember a good time is to feel happy again.”

-Gabriela Mistral-

Let the time pass

Of course, time heals everything, or at least it allows us to have a different perspective, although not everyone necessarily needs the same amount of time to forget or calm the impact of painful memories.


We are all different from each other, and grieving our difficult memories or situations that hurt us takes more or less time.

A break up with someone you have loved very much is something difficult to forget and to accept.

Over time, we will realize that this was surely what had to happen for another person to come into our life, or for us to learn to enjoy our solitude.

This situation is just one example, but allows us to see how the slow passage of time gradually heals our wounds, until one day when, without even realizing it, they eventually disappear. .


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