Mother And Daughter: A Bond That Heals, A Bond That Hurts

Mother and daughter: a bond that heals, a bond that hurts

Our cells divided and developed to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Our skin, hair, heart, lungs and bones were supplied by his blood, which was filled with neurochemicals formed in response to his thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
If she was feeling fearful, anxious, nervous or having a bad pregnancy, our body knew it. If she felt sure of herself, happy and satisfied, so did we.

Christiane Northrup

Each girl carries her mother within her. It is an eternal bond from which we cannot separate, because we will always keep something from our mother.

To be happy and healthy, each of us needs to know what influence our mother has had on our history and how she continues to do so.

It is she who, before our birth, gives us our first experience of affection and sustenance. It is through her that we understand what it is to be a woman.

Our mother’s legacy

The most beautiful inheritance from a mother to her daughter is to be healed as a woman.

Christiane Northrup

Every woman, whether she is a mother or not, carries with her the consequences of her relationship with her mother. While she has given her positive messages about a woman’s body and how to use and care for it, her teachings will always be part of a guide to her physical and emotional health.

However, a mother’s influence can also be problematic when the role she plays turns out to be toxic due to a careless, jealous or bossy attitude.

When we finally understand the effects of education on us, we are then ready to understand ourselves, to heal ourselves, to be able to assimilate what we think about our body or to explore what we think we can do in life.

Maternal attention, an essential nutrient for a lifetime

When a TV camera zooms in on a person in the audience at a sporting event or whatever, what is that person generally shouting? “Hi Mom !”

We almost all need to be seen by our mother because we seek her approval. Initially, this dependence obeys biological questions, because we need it to subsist for many years.

However, the need for affection and approval is created from the first minute, from the moment we look at her to see if we are doing something right or if we are worth a hug.


As Northrup explains, the mother-daughter bond is strategically designed to be one of the most positive, understanding, and intimate relationships in our lives. Unfortunately, this is not always the case …

Over the years, this need for approval can become a real pathology, generating emotional obligations that will encourage our mother’s power over our well-being for a whole part of our life.

The fact that our mother recognizes us and accepts us is a thirst that we must satisfy, even if it is necessary to suffer for it. It supposes a loss of independence and freedom which turns us off and transforms us.

How to start to grow as a woman and as a daughter of our mother?

The decision to grow up involves wiping out emotional wounds or any unanswered questions in the first half of our life.

. This transition is not easy, as it is first necessary to detect the parts of the mother-child relationship that require resolution and healing.

Motherhood as well as the love of a woman remain cultural synonyms of sacrifice in common opinion. This assumes that our needs always come after those of others. As a result, we are not dedicated to cultivating our female mind, but to mold it to serve the society we live in, because what the world expects of us can be very cruel.

These are the reasons that make it so necessary to break away from the chain of pain and to fully heal our bonds (or memories of them).

We need to realize that they have become spiritual for a long time, and therefore, it is up to us to make peace with the quirks that we have experienced, whether bad or not.

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