Loving Solitude Makes You A Better Companion

Loving solitude makes you a better companion

Often, we like to stress the importance of loneliness, although society does not recognize its genuine meaning filled with love for life.

This is why, generally, we think that those who like loneliness are cold people… when in fact, it is quite the opposite.

What makes us human is our vulnerability to being carried away by prejudice, which then prevents us from seeing the true essence of those around us.

We trust labels too much, we give too much importance to what will be said, without even considering the truth, or at least the reality.

A reality that each of us has the power to collect and perceive at will.


Why then do most of us prefer to escape loneliness? Why do few people appreciate being in the company of only themselves?

-Carlo Dossi-


In the eyes of some, we must avoid loneliness at all costs, and seek to move away from those who preach its benefits; that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to the implicit message of it all.

Appreciating being alone and in our own company is a sign of maturity, emotional intelligence and a certain level of self-esteem. It is the mission of life that we all want to fulfill as human beings.


To be alone is to be with yourself

Let’s be honest, you have to be brave to face yourself, because that’s where all of our fears come from.

We are both the creators and the recipients of our fears. Depending on how we manage them, we can have more or less power, be better or not as people of light.

When you are able to be alone and listen to your heart, then you become a person with a gift: emotional freedom of your own.

Being emotionally free is a treasure these days, and building a relationship with these characteristics is a precious commodity.

People with this gift are characterized because they respect themselves, but also those they love.

They appreciate the silence, they know what to say, and feel when they need to distance themselves.

One of the human stages that characterizes us is the desire to benefit from a couple relationship experienced in fullness.

You will surely agree with us that the best friends in solitude can be the perfect companion.


Why does loving solitude make us a better companion?

Being alone allows us to access this space so precious for some, and which others need so much.

The fact of allowing oneself moments away from the loved one, but only in time and space, never in the heart, generates mutual respect.

Loneliness is the perfect ingredient for building a relationship filled with unconditional love.

You who like to spend time with yourself and who need this solitude, you will understand that this particularity allows us all to know each other better, and therefore, to have the tools and the freedom to know our companion. .

Loneliness allows us to connect to our essence

Probably by making it a point of honor to keep time for oneself, we will be able to encourage our companion / companion to go in the same direction, whether for love, motivation or even synergy.

Loneliness allows us to understand that there are priorities, and that we are not the center of anyone’s world.

Being alone allows us to accept life to feel better

Loneliness allows us to understand that nothing is permanent ; neither the positive nor the negative… This is why we are constantly on the move and changing.

As the Buddhist doctrine says, “we are one with the universe” . Silence becomes our best precursor to successfully understand this pretext.


A person who enjoys spending time with himself allows himself space

Loneliness makes you a better person. So, all the love that you have, for yourself as well as for your companion / companion, keeps growing.

Freedom flourishes, along with the desire to find each other, to merge into a single heart. This is what is the basis of the pure and divine love of our humanity.

We will therefore not end this article without asking you if you are now convinced that loving solitude makes you a better companion.

As the great writer Arthur Schopenhauer said, “loneliness is the luck of all excellent minds”.


“The man who loves to contemplate the glory of God on Earth must contemplate this glory in solitude”.

-Edgar Allan Poe-

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