Life Companions Love You As You Are

Life companions love you for who you are

Life companions are those people who are more than words can express.

They are an essential part of your surroundings, of your days and nights, of your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams and your sorrows.

Being companions in love is much more than being passionate lovers, or a committed couple.

It is to love each other no matter what, it is to accept each other, it is to help each other to mature, to move forward hand in hand in life, and to feel filled with ‘love.

It is to be the best mattress on which the other can fall if he falls, it is to be his shelter for the winter, his breath of fresh air in the most difficult moments, the sun and the stars, a sky full of vitality.


– You love Me ?

– Yes.

– How far ?

– Up to your flaws


It is only when you can accept the other as he is that you love him

Life companions love each other in such a way that they feel free. What is good in such love is the conjunction, the fact of forming an emotional home, a place where there is nothing more beautiful than the union of the two members of the couple.

In other words, we could say that “companion love” is the perfect love, the one to which everyone aspires and where commitment, passion and friendship are mingled.

We cannot half love, we cannot “dislike” certain aspects of our companion. If we don’t like it in its entirety, then we don’t like it at all.

However, there may of course be some things that bother you about the other, but at the end of the day, essence is the only thing we need to love for our love to be complete.


“I love you so I can invite you to go for a walk on dead leaves one of these evenings.” I love you so that I can go for a walk and talk about love with you while kicking small stones. I love you so that we can laugh, drunk on nothing, and wander the streets.

I love you so I can take you to the places I frequent the most, and tell you that this is where I sit to think about you. I love you so that I can listen to your laughter all night long. I love you so that I can never let you go.

I love you as we love certain loves, old-fashioned, with the soul and without looking behind you. ”

Jaime Sabines. Mexican poet.

Loving is an art based on honesty

Loving is an art that requires patience, attention, discipline, responsibility and commitment. It is a game of silence, knowledge, respect, freedom, trust and dedication. However, stopping loving is not so easy.



Honesty should not only be manifested in the feelings we have towards another, but also in self-esteem, in acceptation and in our ability to reinvent ourselves every day.



To get there, we must be able to reinvent ourselves and overcome our difficulties. We have to go at our own pace, know our needs, let ourselves be guided by affection, not be waiting, be generous and forgive.

Being a perfect companion is a job for two

Being a perfect companion is not not having problems, but knowing how to overcome them together.

We have to get excited, throw the dishes in our faces, impose ourselves, compete, judge each other, make mistakes, go out for some fresh air, count to ten and let go by getting rid of what we are tormented.

Reaching the rank of “life companions” requires breaking down old walls and healing the wounds of our emotional past.

To believe in love, you must above all believe in yourself, become attached to the present, argue and achieve your goals.

We must be particularly careful that each one walks his way, accept our limits as well as love our difficulties.

We must “let ourselves be” , become a good companion / a good companion, and have the audacity to let go of our shells in order to accept and appreciate our own vulnerability.


“The real purpose of existence
is not to love
or not to love.
It consists purely and simply
of becoming a good companion ”

– Thomas Schied-


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