It’s Hard To Bring Something To An End, But Imagine What Could Happen If You Didn’t?

It's hard to put an end to something, but imagine what could happen if you didn't?

Sometimes we refuse to write the end of something that literally ruins our life.

Many of these behaviors, relationships or other thought patterns meet a very specific need; that of avoiding immediate discomfort.

We avoid confronting reality by taking refuge in suffering, which consequently becomes therapeutic because it is habitual.

This occasional avoidance of suffering can sometimes lead to disaster.

We continue to have relationships with people who humiliate us, or we become trapped in habits that prevent us from achieving what we aspire to in the long run.

Sometimes we need to change ourselves, other times we just have to stop some things, and other times we have to both.

Put an end to something

We need to be aware of those aspects of our life that neither benefit us nor compensate us, and where all we do is collect bad times.

In order to know whether or not we have reached the point of no return in our relationships, it can be very useful to ask the following questions:

  • How often does this person make you feel bad? The one she makes you feel good about?
    Being immersed in an endless series of justifications and excuses from the other is not a good signal.
  • What kind of habits overwhelm you when you find yourself in a period of your life where you are having difficulty achieving what you aspire to in the short term, as well as coping with your discomfort?
  • What thought patterns are invading you?
    Do you think of all those things that have no solution? Do you bring your personal problems to work? Are you continually thinking about what you should be doing? Etc.

When you refuse to end something that needs to end, you pay a heavy price; you destroy your self-esteem.

Sometimes we are hurt and disappointed, and that is inevitable. It doesn’t get in your control, but how you react to the damage done and who did it will make a difference.

If you keep giving opportunities or justifying behaviors that don’t have to be, then you will undermine your self-esteem.

Recognize that you have lost control; see what you do to yourself sometimes, not just what others do to you.


It’s hard to put an end to something, but imagine what could happen if you didn’t?

Certain habits or other toxic relationships have persisted for many years.

You let them consume you, continually boycott your emotional well-being as well as your dreams.

It is up to you to continue in this dynamic preventing you from living without this eternal discomfort, or from changing.

The hour has come to be healthy selfish; cut the quick, and get rid of anything that hurts you.

Rewrite the script of your life… don’t boycott your dignity for a second longer.

If you don’t put a stop to these things that must end, you will one day have to do it in a much more traumatic way, you will cause much more damage, and you will have wasted a lot more time.


If we don’t put an end to something we continually wear out, our inner peace will never find refuge anywhere.

Put an end to all these things that must have happened as quickly as possible.

If you try to avoid it, then you will fall into irreversible emotional wear and tear that neither you nor anyone worthwhile deserves.


“Do you know something that lasts forever?
– I have changed a lot.
– That much ?
– Completely.

My heart has never been so red.

The sequence of cycles in a lifetime is not a bad thing; however, as far as my life is concerned, it has simply changed.

I will stay here as long as it takes. I am waiting for the chance of my life, the greatest chance of my life. Yes. I could unite my life by uniting chances. The first and most important was the worst… ”

-The Lovers of the Arctic Circle-

Your life deserves a start, whenever it is needed

It is important to allow yourself to make a fresh start, without fear or guilt.

In life, everything changes, everything changes, and it is in this way that we can detect these changes that differentiate people who are continually renewing themselves from those who end up living eternally in their past dramas.

You can have a lot of fuss in your path, however, staying in one location longer than necessary numbs the healthy decision to use different trails.

Persisting in repeating the same situations several times that cause you discomfort is not only showing masochism, it is also giving power over you to someone or something that would never have must have had some.


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