In Life, There Are No Extensions

In life there are no extensions

Nowadays, death is a taboo subject. In Western societies, we try by all means to avoid talking about it. 

Indeed, cemeteries are built outside the cities, the tradition of funeral wakes that once took place for several days at the home of the deceased has disappeared, and when we have no other choice but to broach the subject , we try not to directly mention death, or in any case to minimize it, for example when we say “I’m sorry for your father…”

Denying death is by no means a solution, on the contrary, it can be a problem.

Indeed, when we do not think about death, we do not realize that we only live once and that one day we will end up dying.

We believe that we are immortal and that we still have our whole life ahead of us, but we are wrong, because we will all disappear one day. We don’t know when or how, but it is reality and it is wonderful that it is so.

If we come to think of ourselves as immortal, it is because we no longer live intensely, that we no longer indulge in the activities that we love, and that we are paralyzed by our irrational fears.

We stagnate, we let time fly, and when we realize it, death is already near, and sometimes, it is even already too late.

Viewing death as an inevitable and natural event puts all of our problems in perspective and moves us away emotionally from them.

For us, things don’t matter as much as they used to, because we realize that one day, these problems that torment us today will no longer exist, and no one will remember them.

No one will remember the debts you can’t honor today, or the boyfriend who left you for someone else.

One must learn to see death as something natural, and not as something macabre, gloomy or mystical.

If we think about it well, we will realize that death is part of the cycle of life : we are born, we grow, we reproduce, and we die.

Therefore, death is a natural event to be attached to and to accept without asking questions.

We human beings believe that if we are different from other living beings, it is because we have what is called a “soul”.

The human is the most evolved species, able to feel very complex feelings, to reason, to think in a very elaborate way, etc.

But all of this is nothing more than the evolutionary product of a highly evolved complex brain.

All our thoughts, all our feelings, and everything we are, is stored in our brain, and when we die, it turns off forever.

Embracing this scientific and natural perspective can despair a little, even generate feelings of panic in us.

However, it is certainly the best way to start enjoying life, and to give it all the meaning you want to give it, without ever being afraid of anything!

If we all die one day, then what is there to fear? If the worst thing that can happen to us is to die, then what to be afraid of?

On the other hand, death allows us to realize that ultimately we are all flesh and blood mortal people who one day leave this world. Some will mark the spirits more than others, of course, but that’s it.

By thinking about death and stopping denying it, we can also realize that no one is superior to anyone, and that we are all human beings who simply have a beginning and an end.

It doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, straight, gay, rich or poor, the fate is the same for everyone.

Don’t you realize that nothing is so important? Can’t you see that next to death there is nothing terrible?

Today, you are alive and well and the world is well and truly at your feet.

Of all the people who could have been born and who couldn’t, you are lucky, for you were born, and you know what life is like.

Take life as a game or a play. Go out and play, do what you want, without being afraid of not doing what is right or what “should” be done, without being afraid of what will be said, and without being afraid of anything , because there is nothing to fear.

Today you are alive, and you do not know if tomorrow it will still be the case … So there is no time to waste!

Every day you get closer to death, and life is dazzling… So make it worth it!

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