I’m Not Afraid Of Anything Anymore

I'm not afraid of anything anymore

A fearful little girl was pointing the tip of her nose behind a window railing … she was watching the world go by, without daring to go beyond these railings …

But life wanted her to learn and even if for a long time she did not want to come out of her hiding place, life took charge of leading the world to knock on her door.

As she was a well-behaved little girl, she always ended up opening up … fearful, she let only her head stick out and finally ended up opening her doors to a whole group of creatures: goblins, wizards, fairies disguised as witches and witches dressed as fairies.

Sometimes she was hypnotized by the magician’s games who finally disappeared, leaving the little girl alone and sad … 

Sometimes a fairy would surprise her, full of beautiful words that turned into arrows that went directly to her heart. Other times, she felt fear in front of a strange woman who was not that much but who frightened her…

Maybe because the false fairies had already knocked on her door, as well as the wonderful magicians who had promised her to turn everything they touched into gold or the funny goblins who changed all the time … everything started to change in her. inside …

Little by little, the little girl began to distinguish fairies from witches, real magicians from fakes who were sometimes wrong … and one fine day, she felt deeply happy, with a happiness that filled her because …

Nothing scared her anymore, she no longer contemplated the world from the window because now, it was she who touched the doors of the other scared little girls to teach them everything she had learned from all these hosts who presented themselves. in front of his door for all his years.

Since then, she always said to herself and repeated to the other little girls: “I’m not afraid of anything anymore”…

How to stop being afraid? 

If you identify with the words of this text, if you feel the fear of facing life, others, the rest of the world,  do not worry and do not be ashamed of it.

We are all afraid of something, or a lot of things at the same time. But life, experience teaches us little by little, strengthens us and even if we try to hide, life always rings the doorbell again.

Live experiences

Experience is the only thing that can help us grow and learn from our mistakes. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake or that others will make a mistake with you. We have all been wrong many times.

Stop regretting what we did

At one point, you thought like that, because of your age, circumstances, and your personality. Let it flow, do not burden yourself with the mistakes made. Once you’ve learned it, the only thing you can do is limit yourself.

Think without tormenting yourself

If you feel that someone has hurt you or that you have hurt someone, think about it, forgive yourself, forgive the other person, and move on. It is not good to be full of resentments, because they do not get us anywhere.

Consult with loved ones and make the final decision

Many times we feel lost, and there are people who besides loving us have this ability to calm us down, with just two words. Listen to them and ultimately be the one who makes the decision.

Nothing better than yourself to know what is good for us. Often times you will have two paths and only one to choose from. Choose after having thought about it, and do not torture yourself with …

What if I had chosen the other path? What’s done is done, and when it came time to do it, you thought it was the best choice.


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