If You Want To Live A Thousand Lives Read

If you wanna live a thousand lives read

I can be an explorer, a vampire, an elephant, a gazelle, a puppet, a mountain or a star, with just one book I travel and I transform. Books allow you to live a thousand lives and learn from each of them. 

In the 1930s, two Asturians living in Cuba created a cigarette company. In the factory, the cigar makers had extremely long days during which one of the employees read them novels.

“Let others brag about the pages they have written, I am proud of the ones I have read.”

The one that appealed to the workers the most was Le Comte de Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas, who increased the productivity and quality of cigars. This is why these cigars bear the name “Montecristo”.

This simple anecdote shows us that reading gives us wings, stimulates our imaginations and allows us to live other lives, dreams in other places we do not know, to feel intensely emotions, to love, to touch people we don’t know, or steal.

The benefits of reading

When we read, we can not only identify with the different characters in books, but we will also be able to know what places we don’t know are like, habits we never had. And this allows us to develop a greater sensitivity towards those around us and towards the people around us. 

In this article, we will analyze some of the benefits of reading, such as the development of empathy, creativity, memory, the fight against Alzheimer’s disease or stress, the development of intelligence or ability to converse and listen.

Reading turns you into a more empathetic person

In 2013, several scientists at Emory University compared the brains of readers and non-readers. They found that the former, since they used their imaginations to understand the emotions of the characters in the books, were often more empathetic.

Reading increases the ability to understand as others feel, which is a fundamental ability to develop in different settings, such as friendships, family, relationships and work.


The habit of reading helps improve memory

Different studies have shown that not using memory causes us to lose it. This is why it is advisable to do crosswords, sudokus and read, among other things, in order to keep the mental circuits that take care of memory running.

Reading helps us remember the facts that arise, the situations, the conflicts that we discover in the books and in the lives of the characters that the other tells us. And this way of remembering strengthens our intelligence.

Reading helps reduce stress

According to studies by Dr. Davis Lewis, reading reduces stress levels by 68% and relaxes us when our heart rate is reduced. Just six minutes of reading each day is enough to reduce stress significantly.

When we read, our mind transports us to another place. So, if we are having a bad day at work, for example, reading will help us disconnect and distract us. It will bring us the necessary relaxation to have a good time and enjoy without thinking about anything else. 

The risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s is reduced with reading

Related to memory loss is Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies have shown that to reduce the risk of suffering from this pathology, reading can be a good tool since it stimulates the brain and its cells connect and grow. 

In 2001, several researchers demonstrated that older people who read regularly or who exercise mental health are less likely to develop this disease. So, practice this simple habit every day and you encourage your brain to exercise. 

You will learn how to be a better speaker and a better writer

Reading helps us to be better speakers because when we read we will acquire vocabulary and new terms. This learning will allow us to write better and to discuss with ease, using the language in favor of what we want to express.

A person who reads not only has lived many lifetimes through the characters in the stories, but also has a great deal of conversation and a great capacity for listening and attentive observation of others and observation.

You will have several lives

As you read, you will be able to enjoy the lives of an adventurer in the Amazon, of a King in a Neverland, of an orangutan in the jungle. Each page will flood your soul, allowing you to enjoy every moment. Reading is above all a great pleasure, inexpensive and easy to access.

In addition, you will not only live present but also past or future lives, since a book allows us to travel through time, to know how our ancestors lived or to imagine how we will be in the future. Reading is daydreaming and opening your eyes to thousands of different realities. 

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