If I Have Problems With Everyone, Is The Problem With Me?

If I have problems with everyone, is the problem with me?

There are days when you get up in a bad mood, with your left foot or in a bad mood. On these days, problems will arise. It is a kind of annoying buzz that you can’t get rid of even when you wave your hands around you.

On the other hand, when we do not warn others that we have come back up and they approach us without being wary, they can be brought to receive a blow.

It is therefore fundamental to mentally arm ourselves so that we know how to stop in time, when we are angry with the whole world.

Contrary to what we are used to doing, we should not wait for those around us to change and give us a beautiful smile. 

It is better to isolate yourself for a while, to go where you cannot “attack” anyone and to relax.

Other times, we wake up in a normal mood, without necessarily being euphoric, and yet we keep arguing.

What you see as a disaster is really a disaster, and what you think is a bad thing really is.

In this case, whose fault is it? What can be done to fix this problem? If we get along badly with others, is it our fault or theirs?


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The same is observed with relationships. If we cannot maintain a friendship, a romantic relationship or a good understanding with work colleges, we may be responsible.

 When this kind of situation is repeated often enough, we can no longer blame others, on the circumstances, or on our inability to know how to surround ourselves with the right people.

We should then start to question ourselves and understand what we are doing so that things always end the same way.

Remember that in general, the same causes generate the same effects. If you don’t like something, you have to act differently to make it change.

Problems keep repeating themselves

If we continue the momentum of maxims, there is one which perfectly illustrates this problem: “Man is the only creature who stumbles twice on the same stone”.

If you get along badly with a few people, that’s normal and even understandable (you can’t be friends with everyone).

But if we argue with our neighbors, our parents, our boss, the supermarket salesman, our office colleague, our childhood friend or the bus driver, we have a problem.

The good news is that once detected, this problematic behavior can work itself out and get better. 

To do this, it is essential to recognize your mistakes. We are used to saying that the problem comes from others, that it is the fault of the whole world… and that we have nothing to be ashamed of.

“Everyone is against me” is a phrase we often hear. Wouldn’t it be rather you who are against the whole world?

Surely you didn’t do it on purpose or with the intention of hurting other people, but it is true that with our behavior, we hurt and distance ourselves from those we love (and also strangers). .

Accept responsibility for problems

The first step in stopping blaming the world, karma or the universe if we have problems is to accept responsibility for them. 

If you get stressed out when you’re behind the wheel and your partner is in the passenger seat, that’s your problem and not theirs.

If you are arguing over a misunderstanding with your colleague in the office, it is your fault that you failed to ask questions, and not that of your colleague who tried to explain the situation.

We could give thousands of examples like these, but what matters is why we fight with others or why we distance ourselves from them.

The way we act defines us and can help or hinder us in the way we manage human relationships.

What if we started with a minute of objective soul-searching to find out where we have sinned?

No need to flog yourself or wander like a lost soul clad in rags. It is simply a matter of understanding which words, gestures or emotions cause problems with others.

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It might be about a lack of self-confidence, fear of accepting your own feelings, fear of losing control of things, being angry with yourself, etc.

The reasons are as varied and as numerous as there are beings on this planet.

If you find yourself in this situation yourself, or know someone who is going through this,  you should now try to think about how the other person might feel when you react in this way.

Tell yourself that being angry with the whole world increases the chances that someone will treat you the same. You and your worldview will surely lock yourself in a downward spiral that is bad for you or for those around you.

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