I Won’t Let You Feel Lonely

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I won't let you feel alone

This letter is for you. So you know that I won’t let you feel lonely again. I won’t let anyone step on you, despise you, or make you walk away from yourself. I won’t let you feel lonely because you deserve everything others have. You deserve all that you are worth.

Maybe nothing started out the way you wanted. Things might have twisted when you thought they were going to change. You may have made an effort for something that was already broken and finished. You might not have seen what others saw so clearly. And you might have called for help but no one heard you. It doesn’t matter how it started. It doesn’t matter what happened. All that matters is now. It’s your turn. What do you want ? Where are you going ? What is your goal ?

I won’t allow you one more day not to look at your face. You will no longer look away from your reflection because you are what matters most. Even if you tend to forget it, I am here. There’s not much I can do, or maybe I do, but I will, I won’t let you feel lonely. Because even if I don’t know you, I know my voice can reach you, I know my words can heal you.

You know why? Because I am everyone’s voice. We can all do it. Everyone can contribute their grain of sand and help, in their own way, with what they can.

feel lonely

You are all of us: you will never feel alone again

This letter, I am also writing it for myself. In case I feel lonely or abandoned in the future. Yes, I write it because I refuse that we are afraid.

I won’t let them hold you back, hurt your pride, cut your self-esteem, shatter your illusions, chase you and frighten you on your safe path. 

I will not let you feel alone, I will not let you live in fear and I will be there to help you find your inner voice, to motivate you when you have lost your faith and, even if I cannot do it. that through words, I will push you to continue, to get up and to follow your path.

You must know that you are not alone, that  we can all help, that we will be stronger by joining our hands. We will be bigger and more powerful. We can face it, we can say that we are here and that we are not going to leave, that we can hold our heads up high and look the world in the eye.

i won't let you feel lonely


Do you know the spectator effect?

Kitty Genovese was murdered in 1964 in front of her gate. His killer could have committed his crime for an hour and a half and some of his neighbors unfortunately witnessed it. Several sources inform us that thirty-eight people were present but did not call the police or took a long time to do so. Why?

This psychological phenomenon is called the spectator effect. It tells us that the help we offer is inversely proportional to the number of people who witness the act. In other words, the  more people who share the situation, the longer it will take them to ask for help.

This effect has been repeated in many studies and the same results have always appeared. Help is delayed when there are a lot of people present. This phenomenon is also known as the diffusion of responsibility.

So it’s good to know that we are all important, that our help matters, that we cannot afford the luxury of waiting for others to act. We are responsible for what happens and we can act. Even if it is only through small gestures, help is always important.

I cannot change the past but I can tell you that I am here, here and now. You can count on me. I won’t let you feel lonely, I won’t let you give up and let go. I won’t let another person disappear on the news. Let us unite our voices so that none of us will ever feel abandoned again.


You are not guilty, you are responsible
Our thoughts Our thoughts

The difference between responsibility and guilt when dealing with negative events that occur in our lives.

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