I Move Away From You So As Not To Get Lost

I move away from you so as not to get lost

I walk away from you even though it’s a tough decision to make, but I’m doing it for my sanity and because I need to move on with my life.

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave behind the people we love the most so that we don’t lose track of who we are.

The weeks leading up to a decision of this caliber are fraught with doubts. When you fall in love or make a place for a person in your life, you do it with the idea that it is lasting.

We can imagine ourselves being with this person all our life, but one day we realize that we have got stuck in a situation that is no longer healthy and that it is time to take another direction.

I lost my happiness because of this relationship

A lot of people think that being happy is something secondary. I also wanted to think so but finally, I move away from you so as not to lose my smile forever.

The relationships we have affect us to the extent of the importance we give them.

The closer we are to someone, the more love and care we will need from them in the relationship.

The state of the relationship affects how we feel and the outlook we have in life. A relationship that gradually makes me miserable fills every void in my life.

If I don’t walk away from you now, I might end up having a gray, dull life, which I don’t want.


There are more bad times than good

I am not moving away from you because I believe that life should be perfect. I understand that any relationship brings ups and downs, it’s obvious and immature not to see it.

But when every word, every silence, every smile and every conversation ends in negativity, don’t bother to keep going.

We start a relationship because we find in the other what makes us happy. Everyone feels good and we have the opportunity to grow together.

Today all the memories are starting to fade, and criticism, tears and sadness take their place. I move away from you because I no longer have any reason to smile when I think of you. 

I can’t imagine a life by your side

Maybe everything that’s happened doesn’t seem like enough reason to understand why I’m pulling away from you.

But there is something more important that you have to understand and that it was difficult for me to accept: I do not see my life with you.

Although I’ve heard that being loved is the most important thing in maintaining a relationship, loving is what gives this decision the real meaning.

Maybe this decision shattered your dreams, but it would be worse to maintain a relationship where one of the two parties is no longer invested.

I’m moving away from you because I can’t say that you mean the same thing to me as before.

This is the time when everyone must go their own way. Don’t think it’s your fault or mine, these are circumstances that arise in life that cannot be changed.

We lost the most precious treasure: trust

Here is another reason why I am moving away from you: I listen to you but I no longer believe you.

Trust is fundamental in any relationship as a couple or in friendship. It’s likely that it took a long time for me to realize that you can’t change the situation anymore.

I tried by all means to regain my confidence in you but it was impossible for me.


Once the trust is broken, it is difficult to continue, and not for lack of love or commitment, but simply because the bond that forges the relationship is broken .

I ask you to understand that in this case, I am moving away from you because it does not make any sense to continue.

We could say a thousand things but none would be relevant since I no longer believe you.

I move away from you to free us

Even though it seems like a painful decision and you think I only want to hurt you, I pull away from you to set us free.

I take away all responsibility for me, for my decisions and for my feelings.

The most important thing is that I move away to initiate new experiences and meet new people who will fulfill me.

I could stay, but the half-closed doors won’t let you go and you deserve absolute love .

I want you to close that door and learn to see which ones open. I will do the same without forgetting all the positive things you have brought to my life.

I move away from you to let you grow freely.

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