I Do A Showdown With Fear And I Will Win

I arm wrestle with fear and I will win

I admit that I am afraid. In fact, I’ve always been afraid: I don’t see myself as a coward who’s afraid of everything that can happen, but there are things I’ve learned to be afraid of.

To feel fear is as if something is blocking us to the point of no longer feeling in control of ourselves, it is to be alienated.

Sometimes, we even don’t know each other anymore. When we feel fear, the world stops and time becomes eternal, urging us to react to move forward.

Fear is a natural response

Experiencing fear is as natural as it is inevitable, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it: we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives.

No one can say that they have never been afraid because that is not the truth: maybe our fears are different or we do not want to see them, but they are all equally valid and real.


Moreover, if you think about it as coldly as possible, it is normal that we were afraid in a different way.

Sometimes we are afraid of something that has happened that has become a trauma to be overcome, other times we are afraid of something that is happening, and most of the times we are afraid. of what could happen to us, which has not yet happened and which we imagine.

Fear is like this: untimely and timely at the same time. It comes when you least want it, to make the moment a victory in life.

That is, fear arises and grows when we are fragile, but when we overcome it, our victory and what we learn from it wins us.

Fear can be as natural as it is healthy

Even though I don’t like to feel it and have to accept it as something natural, fear can also be healthy.

Fear can be a defense mechanism in cases where there is a danger and it is necessary to respond to it as quickly as possible: this allows you to survive, to know your limits and to develop yourself.

Fear is simply fear: deep down, it helps us look at things more carefully, take it easy, and avoid future damage.

What sometimes happens is an unhealthy fear, which approaches panic and paralysis: then you have to take matters into your own hands, ask yourself what could be the worst and be courageous.

In order to be able to tame fear and not have it tame us, we need to know what made us come here and why we feel it.

Only then will we be able to defeat it and analyze it carefully.

I will look the fear in the face and I will overcome it


When you feel fearful, you aren’t really who you are and you don’t behave the way you would like to. Fear keeps us from sleeping and being happy.

We cannot change if we do not free ourselves from fear and even if we try, we cannot truly live. 

If you recognize yourself in these words, you have surely experienced situations where the people you love depend on you: socially, others can take advantage of this fear and manipulate you, play with your needs and your life.

If so, look the fear in the face and think about what you can do: you can let go of whatever is preventing you from continuing.

You can take everything away, eliminate everything, but fear can only go away if you accept that your life deserves more life than fear.

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