I Am Responsible For What I Say, Not What You Understand

We would all like to feel emotionally connected to others. It is therefore with this intention that we forge links with them, and during these exchanges, multiple interpretations are possible; consequently, misunderstandings arise.

Misunderstandings are the result of interpretations, which are necessary for communication, and which differ according to each person. This can generate anger, arguments, or even breakups.


“Between what we think, what we want to say, what we think we say, what we say, what we want to understand, what we think we understand and what we understand, there are nine possibilities of not understanding each other ”.


The biggest gap between two people, it’s a misunderstanding that widens it

Sometimes other people don’t understand us, even if we explain things to them a thousand times. They are not mean, stupid or indifferent, however. Every person is quite simply different.

It is quite natural for us to seek to reaffirm our feelings, opinions and other beliefs.

However, our emotional needs should not be inordinate or prevent reaching an agreement or fostering good intentions.

This is why we must realize that in our understanding, we must play with the management of pride, essential situations, fatigue, mistrust, interpretations, feelings and all types of emotions, beliefs and thoughts as unexpected as each other.

Completing the puzzle correctly can then be difficult. Indeed, the most complicated is to maintain respect and consideration towards oneself, but also towards others.

In other words, we must be firm, and preserve our dignity while trying to thwart an offense.


We should be responsible for what we say, but not for what others understand

The strength and possibility of anger and misunderstanding are proportional to the degree of emotional involvement we have with our interlocutors.

In other words, the more we feel united with the other, the more the interpretation that we can make of our words is important for us.


Likewise, the other person will also have to pay more or less attention to what they say and how they say it depending on the links between them and their interlocutor, the expectations and interests of this person. the latter, as well as of his own personal state. 


We must therefore not be hurt by these intentions that the other can attribute to us, but which are not real for all that.

We must pay special attention to this aspect, because some people can make us the victims of their torments.


It is also possible that a person is more susceptible than usual, and that our comments, our words or our actions may strike their heartbeat, and thus not promote communication.

As we have seen, there are many factors to consider during a trade. We cannot control everything, among other things because we are all changeable and ambivalent beings by definition and by nature, and therefore our interpretations are very varied.

However, whatever happens in a conversation or in a relationship, we have to take responsibility for the part that touches us, and analyze what we can improve as well as what makes us a good person.


One should therefore not harbor internal conflicts or negative feelings giving rise to erroneous interpretations.

Thus, if we receive a malicious comment, we will have to turn the machine on, and provide our point of view as clearly as possible.


Acting with good intentions, assertiveness and calm is the best way to maintain good communication.


Thus, we will show others that we take responsibility for our words and that we will try to do the best possible, but that the interpretations of others do not depend on us, but on them.


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