Hugs Express What We Have Inside Us

Hugs express what we have in us

A hug is one of the most beautiful expressions of love that a human being can give. Indeed, a hug attests to the strong feelings existing between two people; and both don’t need to speak or act.

Give the person who needs it a hug, and you’ll cradle their heart and soul just by hugging them , without even having to say a word.

The beauty of hugs

What’s beautiful about a hug is the gesture itself.

When walking down the street, is there anything more beautiful than seeing two people hugging each other?

Whether these two people are a couple, friends, or the same family, it doesn’t matter. The simple act of hugging is a real wonder that nourishes the soul.



“Let no judge declare my innocence, because in this long-term process, I will only seek the life sentence of your hug”

-Antonio Gala-



So, whether or not you are the person receiving or giving it, a hug has aesthetic content that you can always use to express your feelings.


Hugs allow us to express ourselves


The hugs that we will receive or give will not always be beautiful, but the simple gesture can move us, soften us, even exasperate us, as long as they are not false or not very tender.

The warmth of hugs

Hugs can also be warm and tender, allowing us to express all types of feelings without even needing to speak.

We can thus distinguish the hugs we give from those we receive:

  • If you are a loving person, you will tend to hug and you will be able to express the emotion you are feeling at the moment with a sincere gesture.

So, if you need to convey love, understanding, closeness, esteem, or any other feeling you feel towards another person, you will demonstrate to that person that you will still be there when they are. need you, without even having to speak.

  • Conversely, if you are hugged, you can also easily express your emotions.

Imagine: you are sad, and that’s when a loved one hugs you in a gesture of understanding, help and support.

Obviously, you will be grateful to him, and you will show him tenderness to thank him for everything he gives you.

So it is clear that the warmth translates into sincere, tender and close hugs.

In addition, hugs can also allow you to express your emotions as well as all that you feel for the person you are hugging.

False hugs

Sometimes hugs can be wrong, and thus express a negative or pejorative feeling, whether it is in the person receiving them or in the person giving them.

Usually, fake hugs reflect unnecessary politeness, or an attempt to come together that has not been requested:

  • When you hug someone for whom you have no feelings, the hug you give them becomes meaningless.
    So in this case, it may be a good idea to only reserve your hugs for people who are really important to you.
  • But there may also be times when you receive hugs from people who actually don’t feel anything for you.
    These people hug you to feel important, and to show false tenderness in order to appear more important in your life than they really are.

The true meaning of hugs

The real meaning of hugs lies in what we want to express through them.


The person you hug and touch to show affection may be deserving of this gesture.

But if that person is able to return the love you give them, and show you how valuable your hug is to them, even better.

A hug is a great way to express wonderful feelings without the need to talk or explain anything.


“I only believe what I touch, what I kiss, or what I cuddle. The rest is just smoke ”

-Edward Paul Abbey-




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