How To Shine Without Hiding Your Light?

It is not always easy to shine. And sometimes it is more ourselves than others that make this task difficult.
How to shine without hiding your light?

Life is a journey of almost endless possibilities to shine.  There are alternate easy paths where tranquility reigns and routes full of obstacles and setbacks that put us to the test.

Most of our goals, especially when they are ambitious, are surrounded by obstacles (small or large, they compromise our progress). On the other hand, very often the fact of bypassing a few multiplies those that remain. So, it is not just a matter of overcoming them, but of doing it intelligently.

Sometimes we ourselves are the source of the obstacles that litter our way. This is the case, for example, when we attack our self-esteem directly, or when we consistently put the needs of others first. This is where our light sizzles and we stop shining.

The key to shine lies within you

To give the best of ourselves, it is important that we keep this information in mind. It is about proceeding like a diver who explores the bottom of the sea while seeing all the wonders and adversities that surround it. So, reaching higher levels of depth will give you more information about yourself.

Therefore, one of the keys to shining is self-knowledge. It is about learning to know yourself, so that you can focus on what you think, what you feel and the way you act, while reflecting on it. Then you will be able to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then use this information to your advantage when you are facing problems.

importance of shining


How to shine by giving yourself the importance you deserve

Sometimes our gaze is so fixed on others that we forget about ourselves. We convince ourselves that the other must be okay at all costs, so we give more than we can afford. It happens when we value ourselves less than we deserve. This is when we let others hide our light.

Even though it is often others who make us feel bad, it is also our responsibility to set limits, warnings, so that this does not happen. Therefore, because of these limitations, our worth tends to be reinforced, in our eyes as in the eyes of others. 

To know how to shine, say no to sabotage

Sometimes we are the ones who sabotage ourselves. This is self-sabotage; in other words, the tendency to ruin one’s own plans. Here are some ways to combat autosabotage to prevent it from stopping you from shining:

Fall down and get up. After most of our failed attempts, we still have the resources to keep trying.

Trust yourself. It’s about giving yourself a chance to get there by betting big.

Establish priorities.  Prioritize the objectives according to their importance, when you want to achieve them and the effort they represent.

prioritize to shine

Not self-sabotaging is quite an art, but once you learn to stop doing it, it’s easier to shine. In this way, we will have a better chance of developing our capacities.

When we learn to shine, we can enjoy what’s best for us.  Discover with us some of the advantages of achieving this:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Great ease in achieving the goals that we set for ourselves
  • Ability to resolve conflicts confidently
  • Improving your skills
  • Better self-control
  • Ease of setting limits
  • Ability to learn from mistakes
  • Better self-knowledge
  • Strengthening motivation.
  • Better quality of life
  • Better relationships

Shining is therefore a personal goal, a means that can stimulate or inhibit our success. Getting there depends on our will, but also on our ability to manage mistakes and position ourselves in the face of difficulties.


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