How To Choose A Spouse For The Whole Life?

How to choose a spouse for the whole life?
Sometimes couples come and go because cohabitation is never easy, differences emerge, tenderness becomes scarce, mistrust appears and loneliness ends up occupying too much space between the two people.

Instead of sharing the same bed, there is a whole ocean of distance between the two people.

It is certainly difficult to find a person who fits perfectly with our personal and existential being, someone who accompanies us in our life, through difficulties and happiness.

Sometimes we get carried away by passion without seeing objectively the person we have in front of us.

We find ourselves with a mask in front of our eyes where it is difficult to analyze with objectivity other aspects, other dimensions which, however, should bring us closer to the perfect person.

In this article, we explain what these basic keys are.

1. When choosing, close your eyes

It is obvious that in most cases we let ourselves be influenced by the physical aspect, as it is a great presentation card that arouses our desire for a moment.

But we must be careful, because everyday life needs other fundamental pillars, thanks to which we can enjoy every moment with the spouse, such as understanding, care, affection, kindness, sense of purpose. humor, listening skills, empathy, etc.

It is therefore important not to be influenced by appearance. 

2. Choose a mature person, with the ability to listen and learn

Maintaining a relationship with an insecure person makes the continuity of the relationship difficult.

The lack of self-esteem ends up being reflected in the other. If I do not develop my own skills to enhance myself, to make myself capable, confident and with good self-esteem, I will not have confidence in my spouse either.

I will be afraid that he / she will leave me and I will no longer trust him. These are undoubtedly aspects that we must take into account.

When thinking of a spouse who can accompany us every day, and who stays with us in good times and bad, it is always better to find someone who is self-confident, courageous and who has a good image. of himself.

If in addition, you take the opportunity to learn new things every day, the personal enrichment in the couple will be even greater because learning allows us to survive and opens new windows for us.

Therefore, creative people make life easier and more stimulating.

3. This person must speak, smell, communicate and laugh.

We all know the importance of having a good sense of humor, knowing how to laugh and putting situations into perspective from a positive and courageous perspective.

Life is undoubtedly full of complex moments, of situations in which it is necessary to have the support of your partner and where it is essential to be able to communicate and to feel listened to.

Having the help and support of someone we can naturally open up to is essential for our balance and development as a couple.

People who are able to feel and express feelings, talk about what hurts them and what makes them happy, deserve to find a worthy mate.

4. Choose a person with an inner life who shares your passions.

The interior life refers to this indispensable faculty where each of us has his own passions, hobbies and beliefs.

It’s a clean little world where we each have our own space and our personal nooks and crannies that must be respected by the spouse and where we can grow individually.

However, this in no way takes away the fact that we can share common passions with our partner.

Being as a couple is above all about being friends, forming a team, enjoying, growing together and having the same values ​​that reinforce our commitment, while knowing how to respect each other’s personal space. 

5. Tolerance

Finding a lifelong spouse requires above all to give to this person, which allows us to grow alongside them, in harmony and happiness, and which makes our life more interesting.

Tolerance is therefore essential, because we all need a person who can accept our faults, our mistakes and our failures, and with whom it is possible to dialogue at any time, without fear or mistrust.

Tolerance must be mutual, and must form friends and lovers with enough values ​​to build a life together and strengthen the roots that form the tree of the couple, which no breath of wind is able to bring down over time. .

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