How I Healed My Wounds And Freed Myself Emotionally

How I healed my wounds and freed myself emotionally

When it comes to talking about emotional wounds, we are only referring to the damage caused to us by outsiders.

We are also responsible for many of these voids, for our personal limitations.

There are thoughts that hurt, we must not feed our ego and cling to the past to live only in nostalgia.

Our attitude to life is often responsible for how our soul is exhausted, and how we relate to the world.

Healing, correcting these internal constructions is one of the ways to liberate yourself emotionally. First of all, we all need to do a great reflection exercise to establish that we are firmly committed to making a difference, from within ourselves.

It is in this behavior that the authentic emotional strength resides.

We all think we have a great sense of freedom, but it is wrong. We are controlled by our beliefs, which often limit us a lot, and by our emotional wounds, which hold us back to ourselves.

How can we be emotionally reborn to finally be truly free?

The keys to achieving emotional freedom


First, we must make it clear that we are not all equal, and that we do not have the same “mix” of lived experiences.

However, when we talk about the thoughts and emotions that limit our personal growth and freedom, there are a few basic lines of thought and action that may be of interest to you.

We invite you to know them in the rest of this article.

1. Don’t be afraid of emotional pain

Pain, like suffering, cannot be repressed in any secret corner of our heart. Any wound bleeds, any emotional pain cries, screams, or causes a deep abyss of loneliness.

Your emotions aren’t your enemies, but they don’t define you. You may experience great disappointment at some point in your life, but your entire existence should not be marked with that suffering.

The pain is experienced in the “here and now”. It needs to be understood, heard and managed, in the healthiest possible way.

By not doing all of these, you are opting to hide these emotions in a corner of your mind, and you will not be able to achieve a state of total personal and emotional freedom.

2. Learn to be understanding with yourself

Did you make a mistake? Did you devote part of your time and your life to someone who didn’t deserve it? Do not punish yourself, and do not characterize yourself as an ingenuous person, nor especially as a failure.

No one deserves to bear the burden of their mistakes for a lifetime. Aspects that you can see as failures can actually be great lessons that will allow you to develop your experience, and in short, make you stronger.

Be kind to yourself, and understand that the last thing to do is to brood or feed a feeling of guilt throughout your life.

Guilt gnaws and vitiates the mind, it is the enemy of your emotional freedom. Keep an open mind, be able to accept what is going on in your life, both good and bad times, because all of this mixture is what is called existence.

Try to wake up every morning with dreams in your head, open up to yourself and others, keeping in mind that you deserve to be happy again.

By blocking this torrent of negative thoughts that locks you in a terrifying mental prison.


Every effort you make, every step you take will lead you to certain happiness. You will free yourself from your mistakes and your guilt. Feed your dreams, don’t feed your disappointments.

3. You can’t change those who hurt you

If you have to live with a family or loved ones who are hurting you in some way, you have to keep in mind that you cannot change them. You can’t change their way of understanding things, or their personality.

To be emotionally free, you must step out of their influence. You are what matters most to you, and you must end this suffering.

All the things that have been done to you in your life, you have internalized them. You have invisible wounds that have become the chains of your soul.

Free yourself from them, accept who you are, try to forgive those who hurt you, while putting limits little by little.

Let go of hurtful words and unspoken words, heal the pains of disappointment, free yourself from all the burdens on you, and raise your voice to affirm that you are no longer a victim. This will allow you to heal your wounds, to be reborn and to be emotionally free.

4. Cleanse your roots

What are we referring to when we say “clean up your roots”? It is a very complex aspect that is found in many people. These are the experiences and psychological constructs that build individual personalities, and which can sometimes be flawed.

Think about the following themes:

  • Little by little, disconnect your ego in your daily life, this will allow you to have a broader and freer vision of the things around you
  • Do not submit to circumstances, and do not allow yourself to be overcome by hatred and resentment. Avoid extreme feelings, which can quickly eat away at you from the inside out. Maintain your balance and inner peace, so you can free yourself emotionally.
  • Don’t hide behind unobjective optimism. It is not about drawing a smile on your face when you are feeling deep sadness. You are only beautifying the flowers of your tree, which is supported by diseased roots.
  • Learn to live and manage your emotions in a healthy way. If you don’t, you will be wearing a mask that is far removed from who you really are. Personal development requires courage and integrity.

Images by: Kelly Vivanco

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