How Do You Train Your Brain To Be More Creative?

How do you train your brain to be more creative?

Are you those who believe that being more creative is overdone or those who think that humanity needs big ideas? Are you those who let others have original ideas or those who believe that they can bring something different in order to change their own reality and that of those around them?

All people can train their brains to be more creative. For this, however, we must believe that creativity is something really useful.

Day-to-day creativity

The fact that creative minds are always highly valued is an inexorable truth. On the other hand, creativity can also help us daily to solve small or large problems, or even to imagine ingenious solutions to questions that are not solved correctly in “normal” life.

In reality, the question we are addressing here is not how to get the creative brain of Albert Einstein, but how to expand our creative capacities so that they are better every time.


9 ideas and tips to be more creative

Many people believe that they cannot become creative people, but they are wrong. We can all be more creative than we are, and by training our brains properly, we can be a little more resourceful every day.

Cultivating ideas is a process that we can practice to generate more ideas and better ideas. Plus, there are ways to help ideas flow more easily. It’s part of the process.

Here are some ideas and tips that will help train your brain to be more creative.

Forget the result

The important thing is the process, not the result itself. Taking advantage of the process of bringing an idea to life will give your mind the freedom to tackle alternatives and develop the idea further. The result is the consequence of the creative process, a process that must hold your full attention in order to hope for a great future.

Ignore the reviews

A creative person must be immune to unconstructive criticism, both from others and from their own criticism. Criticism and self-criticism do not let you think clearly. Don’t waste energy because of them. Be compassionate to yourself and have the courage to be free to create. You will be wrong many times, but you will achieve something only by letting yourself go.


Stress is one of the main enemies of creativity. There may be a certain level of stress that is good in order to finish what you have to do, but when it comes to creating, you need some peace of mind. Why do you think so many people have great ideas in the shower, when they go for a walk, or when doing some household chores like cleaning the plates? Simply, because the mind relaxes.

Save your ideas

It’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to bring it to life. Bringing an idea to life can take time, and sometimes the idea pops up at an inconvenient time. If you write it down you will get two things: the first is that you will not forget it, the second is that it will not occupy your mind while you are immersed in another question. Jotting down the idea will take the pressure off you and act as a trigger when you need it.


Reading is one of the things that stimulates the brain the most. Reading, in a way, increases experiences. Plus, reading creates new neural connections in our brains – a process known as neuroplasticity -.

Practice meditation

Meditation, to the extent that it helps us relax both physically and mentally, also facilitates the creative process. Meditation known as mindfulness or mindfulness trains us to focus on an idea without dispersing, a very useful ability in the creative process.


Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and sedentarism, just like junk food and unhealthy diet are the great enemies of the brain in general, and the creative brain in particular. By removing poisons from your body and exercising, your energy levels will generally increase and your creativity will improve.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone

The problem that many people have is that they try to imagine new ideas without going out of their comfort zone, which limits their options. Big ideas do not understand the limits of “political correctness”, “tradition”, or “comfort”. They have a habit of asking for courage and courage to go further.

Approach the problem in a different way

Absolutely all the questions that arise around you can be approached in different ways. In fact, sometimes the solution to the problem lies in approaching it in a creative and different way and not just finding a creative option.

Having a lot of ideas doesn’t mean having a lot of good ideas

Being more creative and having lots of ideas doesn’t necessarily mean that all ideas are actually good, useful, or valuable. A writer has to write a lot before they can achieve really good work. It is the same for a painter, a sculptor or a composer. And it happens to all of us.

creativity and ideas

In reality, the one who obtains the most valuable creations and ideas is not the smartest or the most creative, but the one who works on his or her ideas the most. It’s as simple as that. No doubt some require more work than others, but in the end the only one who will get something really good will be the one who is willing to fail a lot.

5 ways to awaken your creative and innovative side
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All human beings have a creative side. It is therefore important to know how to take advantage of it. Discover 5 ways to awaken this potential.

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