How Do We Find A Healthy Diet That’s Right For Us?

How many times have you tried to eat a healthy diet without being able to stick to it? Maybe you are not motivated enough? We offer you some tips here so that you can, once and for all, follow this nutritional program that you want to put in place.
How do we find a healthy diet that's right for us?

How many times have you tried to eat a healthy diet that you ultimately failed to follow? Most of the time, the factor that ends the project is the lack of motivation. And yet, the reasons behind this diet often make sense in terms of health. It is about taking care of your body by eating better.

Lose weight, have more energy, improve your external appearance, prevent problems related to eating habits, etc. Whatever the reason, it’s all about eating healthier. But it’s one thing to commit to a healthy diet and another to find the one that’s right for us personally.

We attribute the failure to execute our program to a lack of willpower or discipline. But the real problem that keeps us from keeping that commitment we made to ourselves may just be that the eating plan we choose is not right for us.

This plan may seem ideal, but it may not be right for us because the demands are too great and may be overwhelming. Then we have to find something that works for us, that we can integrate as a habit and that does not involve a high level of effort.

A healthy diet must involve a change in appearance and health for it to work and you don’t want to give up. In other words, the progress itself must act as a reinforcement. If the change achieved is only temporary, then the benefits will only be temporary.

Follow a healthy diet.

What is healthy eating?

The first step in finding a personalized program is understanding what the term “healthy” implies. For starters, it’s not just about eating to lose weight or to improve our health. We are talking about a more global concept: well-being.

Healthy eating means feeling good about yourself and what you eat. It is about having a peaceful relationship with food. Food should make us feel good physically and emotionally.

When we eat healthy, we feel energized when it comes time to carry out our daily tasks and activities. If we run out of energy throughout the day, maybe it’s time to take a look at the structure of our diet. If we eat well, we don’t have as many food cravings. Because our body has all the nutrients it needs.

On the other hand, eating well also means having a healthy relationship with food, without regret or guilt. The relationship with food must be based on love. We eat to get energy, but also to feel good.

So, if we pay enough attention to it, eating is an easy and natural process that performs a function and one that we don’t have to struggle with. Food repression is about fighting our desire to eat something that is not right for us.

People with a healthy relationship with food often talk about food in a completely different way than people who are on an energetic and boring diet. The former are not obsessed with the scale, the weight of the food, the calories or the fat. They also do not feel guilty for having eaten such or such food.

Principle of healthy diet.

The principles of a healthy diet

There are three key principles for a healthy eating program to work. These are the following:

  • Balance physical and mental health. Prioritize mental and physical happiness, so that you don’t feel anxious or guilty about what you eat or stop eating. In this way, you will develop a healthier emotional connection with food.
  • Find a long term sustainable plan. You need a plan that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. It should be easy to follow and not require a lot of willpower on you. You won’t feel like you’re following a rigorous diet.
  • Minimize deprivation. Many healthy eating programs fail because they focus on deprivation. It is an act of lack of love for oneself. Better to base your eating plan on prioritizing healthy foods or finding healthier variations of the foods you love.

In short, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a difficult task to manage. It’s not about eating the latest superfoods that’s hot right now, or basing your diet on supplements that are supposed to meet all of your dietary needs.

To bet on the success of your healthy diet, start with making easy changes. You don’t have to change everything all at once; it is better to take it little by little, taking advantage of the reinforcement linked to the improvement of your general well-being. The basics of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating are actually simpler than they seem.

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