How About Taking Care Of Your Mental Hygiene, Just Like Your Physical Hygiene?

How about taking care of your mental hygiene, just like your physical hygiene?

We are all aware of how lucky we are to have good physical health. But, we often forget a very important part: the mind. As many know, our mental health also influences our physical well-being. Over and over we have shown how worry or anxiety, for example, leads us to somatization. Isn’t it essential, therefore, to start paying attention to our mental hygiene?

In order to enjoy a healthy brain, there are certain things that we often overlook that we need to pay attention to. We are able to identify some of them easily, but for some reason we continue to ignore them. Sooner or later, this complicit ignorance will make us pay the price. So now is the time to start betting on good mental hygiene, by putting into practice some tips that we will now explain in detail.

Focusing on good mental hygiene will help you prevent illnesses and disorders, such as those related to anxiety.

Good mental hygiene translates into well-being

How long do preoccupations based on the past or the future occupy in your mind? The present hardly appears. Suddenly you find yourself on autopilot. Meaningless days that follow one another in the same way and in which you stopped savoring the little things a long time ago.

It is important that you learn to practice mindfulness, to focus on the here and now, in order to run away from all those thoughts that can become obsessive or ruminating. If you’re stressed out, you know what we want to talk about. Yesterday doesn’t matter, neither does tomorrow. Open your eyes to today and enjoy.

Despite this, know that there is another aspect to take into account in your life. Do you have relationships with people who bring things to you or who take things away from you? Why do you give so much to people who don’t match? Trying to be a good person and thanking everyone can be rewarded with pain and manipulation.

“I will not allow anyone to walk on my mind with dirty feet.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-

Here’s an idea: if you give your all to people who don’t get you anything, you may not have time to give to those who deserve it. Meditate on the relationships you have. Sometimes we are afraid to make the decision “Our relationship of friendship or love ends here” for fear of losing what we wanted so much, but which was not worth it. But doing it will bring great relief and promote your mental hygiene.

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Move away from the pessimistic view of reality

It’s easy to take a pessimistic view of reality when things go wrong. This shows low resilience and carries a great risk: your happiness and your mental hygiene are at stake. If you realize it, know that not everything does not have the same reading according to the points of view. A farewell or a breakup can be seen as a misfortune or an opportunity for growth. You choose the path you want to take.

And, are you giving yourself what you need? Taking care of yourself, eating well and looking after yourself are actions that you have surely already neglected. Perhaps because you are dependent on others, have stopped thinking about yourself, or are leaving your happiness in the hands of others. This is a terrible mistake, which can lead to a very negative outlook on life. You above all! And this is not selfishness. It means showing off and loving yourself, without waiting for others to do it for you.

You’ve probably felt stuck in life before because you couldn’t reach a goal. But did you check if it was possible? Sometimes we set goals that we cannot achieve. Free yourself from the impossible that generate in you only frustration, anxiety and a feeling of worthlessness. It will be very positive for your mental hygiene.

“Wash your mind with love and honesty after every thought that disturbs your peace.”

-Luis Espinoza-

Have you realized the importance of good mental hygiene? There are a lot of habits that can do you good, such as removing expectations, stopping tossing thoughts in your head that you can’t resolve, forgetting to try to change people, or learning to deal with your emotions.

We tend to complicate our lives or blame others for what happens to us when the real power to make it better and simpler is in our hands. It’s not as bad as it looks, not everything is as bad as we think. Cleansing our minds of all that is in excess that prevents us from seeing with clarity will allow us to dive into true well-being.

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