Healing From The Inside To Heal From The Outside

Healing from the inside to heal from the outside

How many times have we felt bad for no apparent reason? The tensions that we accumulate inside us are reflected outside. Recent studies have shown that psychological stress can turn into physical illnesses. To heal on the outside, we first need to control our internal conflicts.

Emotional tension slowly and inexorably hurts the body and is expressed through depression, anxiety or stress. The poor channeling of emotional conflicts can cause a wide range of illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, lupus and leukemia.

We have to respect the rhythm of those who do not want us to help them… and this is how we will help them.

Often times we think one thing and say another, or we feel one thing and do another. We are not consistent with ourselves for fear of rejection, abandonment, criticism, or the fact of losing the prestige, and ultimately the judgment of others. By dint of thinking too much about valuing others, we forget our own judgment, which leads to an infinity of interpersonal conflicts.


The emotions we express affect our health and are expressed in the body through pain and illness. Our bodies are sending us signals to draw our attention to the existence of something that needs to be changed, whether it’s negative thoughts or distorted, ingrained beliefs in us that limit our life. Deformities play a predominant role and are generated by emotional disturbance.

These perceptions and these distorted thoughts that the subject realizes about himself, the world and the future lead him to develop dysfunctional moods such as phobias, depression, anxiety, problems of self-esteem, or even obsessive disorders. Cognitive distortions are thought errors that humans constantly resort to in order to interpret reality in an unreal way.

These perceptions are caused by errors in information processing and in emotional rather than rational processes. They can be based on firm unreal beliefs, but deformities are not beliefs in themselves, but habits of thought that lead us to negative emotions.

“The love that we deny is the pain that we carry”

-Ale Colier-


Our emotions influence our thoughts and behavior, which is why it is extremely important to control them. Any event, no matter how simple, awakens very different emotions in us. This is due to the Limbic System, thanks to which it is possible for us to consider that emotions are part of us and of how we react to the world.

The easiest emotional control technique is learning to avoid what generates negative emotions in us, whether it is about people or situations. Even if we must be wary of avoidance, because by adopting such behavior, we can have difficulty solving our problems, this behavior is necessary in terms of controlling negative emotions.

Another of the most natural and useful techniques for controlling emotions before, during and after facing emotionally intense situations is relaxation. By relaxing, we achieve a feeling of calm, which allows us to focus on the situation with greater clarity.


The most contrasting techniques to control our emotions are cognitive techniques. To change our emotions, we have to change our thoughts, since emotions and thoughts go hand in hand; if we change our thoughts, then we can regulate our emotions as well as our actions. Cognitive techniques such as mental testing, thought detection, and perspective shifting will help us heal ourselves from the inside so that we can heal on the outside.

“Pay attention to your body; sometimes he gets sick in order to heal your soul ”

-Andrés Yañez-

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