He / She Who Smiles At Life Today, While They Cried Yesterday, Knows True Happiness

The one who smiles at life today, when they cried yesterday, knows true happiness
However, you have the right to do so. You can live perfectly for a while with her, but you can never know when she will go away. Yet one day, without warning and without your realizing it, the moment you have been waiting for will arrive. You will free yourself from all this suffering.

Enjoy this moment happily. Say goodbye to anger, bring detachment and good humor into your life. Smile at the awareness you now have of having freed yourself from this burden that was weighing on your psychological health. Savor this moment, no longer feel obligated to act considerate with others, when it only generates resentment in you.
If you have taken this step, you have just won the lottery. Like everyone else, you played and lost a lot. But that smile on your face today is synonymous with a jackpot.

Our current disappointments are our future joys

Dealing with disappointment or betrayal is not easy. But remaining in a loop, in a vicious circle that leads you to repeat over and over again the same scenes of arguments and unhappiness is even less so. Prolonging your discomfort out of habit, out of fear of change, will only plunge you into an endless cycle of stress. No one is inherently toxic. But some relationships are, or at least eventually become. Know how to identify them and get them out of your life. It is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have not acquired the sufficient degree of maturity, but you can do it.

Wanting to do the right thing in life is a behavior that says a lot about our personality. Ending 40-year marriages, childhood friendships or quitting our jobs, which are no longer opportunities to grow but daily sufferings, are courageous acts.

Despite everything, some people decide to do it in a brutal way, without ever warning people that these decisions could affect. They act in a vile, blunt and deceitful manner. Never feel silly for trying to get it right, for not hitting below the belt. You may feel anger and frustration at these behaviors, but you must resign yourself to them.

All of these disappointments will eventually become sources of inspiration for you. At the next sign of disintegration, you will no longer hold on. You will no longer get into relationships that are not worth it. You will end up developing the best feeling in these situations: absolute indifference.

After the anger, the indifference, then the smile

What others become is not your responsibility. Even the most ruthless people can get lucky in life. Think about where you are and where you want to go. Recognize your own worth, admit your merit for continuing on a virtuous path, when most of the people around you have taken the easy way. This is the best way not to lose your sensitivity to the difficult choices in life.

It is undeniable that this is a difficult process to carry out. Detaching yourself from others and from some of our habits is not easy. It can make you feel like you are losing your identity and each blow, each new ordeal, can feel overwhelming. We cannot know if we are on the right path until we realize the difficulties we have had to overcome in our life.

We cannot be totally foreign and insensitive to what we are going through. We feel our numb hands, the weight of our legs. We are aware of our presence. Without asking for help and without spontaneously receiving it, we continue to stand. We come to understand that in the lightness of being is all the power we have to live here and now.

We don’t need the approval of others. It doesn’t matter what they think. We have won the only battle that matters: the one we fight with ourselves. We can finally start to truly laugh. The pride of having been able to act in accordance with our principles and our values ​​far exceeds the anger that we can feel in the face of the actions of those around us.

It is only when we are totally at peace with ourselves that we can truly smile, even if the circumstances of our life are difficult, even if others betray us, even if it does not end as we do. would have hoped. Your smile is genuine today because, although someone may have disappointed you, you have continued to be true to yourself.

You now know how the process works: whoever laughs the last one really laughs, because he / she doesn’t laugh at anyone. Gaze in the distance at those who laugh at others, for they are shrouded in the dark cloak of their own mistakes.

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